Bangladesh Railway All Train List

Bangladesh Railway All Intercity & Mail Express Train List

Here we are sharing detailed information about Bangladesh Railway All Intercity and Mail Express train. Because of the cheap cost, comfortable and enjoyable journeys, the train journey is becoming more popular nowadays. There are two types of intercountry train service: Intercity train service and Mail Express train service in our country and one international train service. Two kinds of railway services are available in our country: Broad Gauge and Meter Gauge. In this article, you will get all the train’s lists available in our country, which is so helpful for everyone.

Bangladesh Railway All Intercity Train List

Bangladesh Railway Has 48 Intercity Train available, which runs Bangladesh all-District. On the Intercity Train, You will be travel. All of Bangladesh places. We have a list of all of Bangladesh’s intercity Trains here.

  1. Subarna Express
  2. Mahanagar Express
  3. Ekota Express
  4. Tista Express
  5. Parabat Express
  6. Upukol Express
  7. Korotoa Express
  8. Jayantika Express
  9. Paharika Express
  10. Udyan Express
  11. Meghna Express
  12. Turna Express
  13. Agnibina Express
  14. Egarosindhur Provati
  15. Upoban Express
  16. Brahmaputra
  17. Jamuna Express
  18. Egarosindhur Godhuli
  19. Lalmoni Express
  20. Drutojan Express
  21. Dolonchapa Express
  22. Rangpur Express
  23. Kalani Express
  24. Haor Express
  25. Kishoreganj Express
  26. Bijoy Express
  27. Sonar Bangla Express
  28. Mohanganj Express
  29. Kapotaksha Express
  30. Sundarban Express
  31. Rupsha Express
  32. Barendra Express
  33. Titumir Express
  34. Simanta Express
  35. Silkcity Express
  36. Madhumati Express
  37. Padma Express
  38. Sagardari Express
  39. Chittra Express
  40. Nilsagar Express
  41. Dhumketue Express
  42. Sirajgonj Express
  43. Kalukhali Vatiapara Express
  44. Faridpur Express
  45. Banalata Express
  46. Tungipara Express
  47. Panchagarh Express
  48. Benapole Express
  49. Jamalpur Express

Bangladesh Railway All Mail Express Train List

Bangladesh railway Has 56 Mail Express Train available in Bangladesh. If you want from one district to another, a Mail express train is best for you. We have a list of all of Bangladesh’s intercity Trains here.

  1. Dhaka Mail
  2. Chittagong Mail
  3. Karnaphuli Express
  4. Uttarbanga Mail
  5. Surma Mail
  6. Dhaka Express
  7. Noakhali Express
  8. Jalalabad Express
  9. Kushiara Express
  10. Bogra Express
  11. Padmarag Express
  12. Sagarika Express
  13. Titas Commuter
  14. Mymensingh Express
  15. Isakhan Express
  16. Kanchan Express
  17. Mahua
  18. Samatat Express
  19. Dewanganj Commuter
  20. Balaka Commuter
  21. Jamalpur Express
  22. Vawall Express
  23. Ramsagor Express
  24. Dinajpur Commuter
  25. Lalmoni Commuter
  26. Burimari Commuter-1
  27. Burimari Commuter-2
  28. Chattala Express
  29. Parbotipur Commuter
  30. Burimari Commuter-3
  31. Burimari Commuter-4
  32. Dholesssory Express
  33. Laksam Commuter
  34. Chandpur Commuter
  35. Noakhali Commuter
  36. Comilla Commuter
  37. Mymensingh
  38. Sylhet Commuter
  39. Korigram Settle
  40. Turag Express
  41. Joydebpur Commuter
  42. Narayanganj Commuter-1
  43. Narayanganj Commuter-2
  44. Tongi Commuter
  45. Nazirhat Commuter
  46. Rajshahi Express
  47. Mahananda Express
  48. Rocket Express
  49. Nakshi Kantha express
  50. Chilahati Express
  51. Uttara Express
  52. Benapol Commuter
  53. Rajshahi Commuter
  54. Khulna Commuter
  55. Rangpur Commuter
  56. Panchagar Commuter

International Train List

Bangladesh has only two International trains available which run Bangladesh To Kolkata. If anyone wants to visit Kolkata, he will go to the International train from Dhaka or Khulna.

  1. Maitree Express
  2. Bandhan Express

I hope these pieces of information will help you so much; you can share it with your friends and family if you think that this article is helpful. Write a comment in the comment section below. If we made a mistake with any information given here, inform with the actual source.

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