Tista Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Tista Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Here we discuss an intercity train named Tista Express. Have you decided to go on a long journey? Then you must choose the trains because trains are suitable for a long journey. The train journeys are also interesting and comfortable. You can get a completely different type of experience on a train journey.

About Tista Express

The Tista Express ( train no.707/708) is an intercity train in Bangladesh. It runs from Dhaka to the Dewanganj route. The Train is one of the fastest and most luxurious trains in Bangladesh. When the Train runs from Dhaka to the Dewanganj route it holds 707 numbers. The train returns from Dewanganj and leaves for Dhaka holding 708 number. For the Schedule of Tista Express see below.

Tista Express Train Schedule

Here you find the exact schedule of Tista Express. Tista (707/708) Express travels between the Dhaka-Dewanganj-Dhaka route. It leaves Dhaka Kamalapur station at 07:30 and reaches Dewanganj at 12:30. In the return trip, it starts the journey from Dewanganj station at 15:00 and ends the journey in Kamalpur station at 20:25. It runs 6 days a week. Monday is the weekly holiday of this Train.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Dewanganj Mon 07:30 12:30
Dewanganj to Dhaka Mon 15:00 20:25

Journey Break Station

While the Tista (707/708) Express Runs the Dhaka To Dewanganj route it takes a break at many stations. The station’s name and also up and downtime are given below.

Station Up Time (707) Down Time (708)
Biman Bandar 07:53 19:43
Joydebpur 08:19
 Gafargaon 09:15 17:50
Mymensingh 10:00 17:03
Piyarpur 10:35 16:26
Jamalpur 11:10 15:51
Melanondo Bajar 11:52 15:31
Islampur 12:30 15:15

Tista Express Train Ticket Price

The ticket price of Tista Express is not very costly. It’s a really low price. Everyone can buy it very easily. Many kinds of seat categories are Shulov, Shuvon Chair, 1st Class seat, etc. The seat price is based on its quality. You can collect the seat from the station.

Seat Category Ticket price (15% VAT)
Shulov 70
Shuvon 90
Shuvon Chair 125
1st Class Seat 185

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Amartrain is working hard to provide you with the best and most valid information about trains and train schedules. We tried our best to collect information on Tista Express and provide you. Please leave a comment below if you think we missed out on anything. Information is from BD Official Railway.

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