Surma Mail Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Surma Mail Train Schedule & Ticket Price

There are many Mail Express trains in Bangladesh. The Surma Mail is one of them. This train travels the Dhaka to Sylhet route. If you are a passenger on this trackway, then see our today’s article. Here you will able to find the exact schedule, ticket prices of Surma Mail Train. Also, we have given some safety tips for you.

Surma Mail Train Schedule

The Surma Mail Express train starts a journey from Dhaka Kamalapur station at 22:50 and ends the journey at Sylhet station at 12:10. In the return trip, it departs from Sylhet at 18:45 and arrives in Kamalapur station at 09:15. The Surma Express train has no off-day. It works all day of a week.

Station Name Off-Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Sylhet No 22:50 12:10
Sylhet to Dhaka No 18:45 09:15

Surma Mail Train Ticket Price

Here you will able to know the ticket prices of Surma Mail Train. These are given in the below chart. You can collect the ticket from the station counter.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 265
Shuvon Chair 320
First Seat 425

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Now you have an idea about the Surma Mail Train and also its schedule and ticket price. While you travel on the Dhaka to Sylhet route, this post will help you. Thank you.

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