Madhumati Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Madhumati Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The topic of our discussion today is a train called Madhumati Express. These are run Rajshahi to Goalondo ghat route. If you want to travel this trackway by Modhumati Express train, then this article for you. Do you think about a journey? Then I suggest the train journey because it is a comfortable and relaxed journey.

Madhumati Express

Madhumati Express (train no.755/756) is an intercity Train in Bangladesh. It runs the Rajshahi-Goalondo ghat-Rajshahi route. Madhumati express is the Very Popular Train in Goalonda ghat To Rajshahi Route. We have given the schedule of Madhumati Express below.

Madhumati Express Train Schedule

The Madhumati Express(756) departs from Rajshahi at 08:00 and arrives in Goalondho ghat at 13:15. The return Trip, It leaves Goalondho ghat at 15:00 and reaches Rajshahi at 20:20. This time it holds the 755 number. Thursday is the weekly holiday of Madhumati Express.

Station Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rajshahi to
Goalondo ghat
Thu 08:00 13:15
Goalondo ghat to Rajshahi Thu 15:00 20:20

Madhumati Express Sub Stations

The Madhumati Express has only two substations. The substation’s name and also Uptime and Downtime is given below.

Station Name Up Time (755) Down Time (756)
Rajbari  15:30 12:30
Kalukhali 16:00 12:02
Pangsha 16:12 11:51
Khoksa 16:30 11:35
Kumarkhali 16:42 11:23
Kushtia 17:07 11:03
Poradah 17:20 10:25
Mirpur 18:01 10:08
Bheramara 18:14 09:55
Pakshi 18:28 09:41
Ishwardi 18:50 09:10

Madhumati Express Train Ticket Price

The Total Distance from Rajshahi to Goalonda ghat is about 208 Kilometers. The Train Ticket price is dependent on the distance. According to the Bangladesh Railway system, the Following Ticket price is applicable in this trackway. Let’s see the chart and choose once for you.

Category Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair 505
Snigdha 966
AC Seat 1156
AC Berth 1781

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For making sure your journey safe and enjoyable, I tried to add information about the Madhumati Express train so that you don’t have to face any problem. Please leave a comment below and let us know if we missed out on something.

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