Upoban Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Upoban Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Upoban Express (train no.739/740) is an Intercity train which runs from Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Dhaka route. It is one of the fastest and luxury trains in Bangladesh Railway. The Sylhet to Dhaka route opens in Dhaka on May 7, 8th. At this route, three more Intercity trains run Parbat Express, Jayantika Express, and Kaloni Express.

Upoban Express Train Schedule

It departs from Dhaka at 20:00 and reaches Sylhet at 05:00. In the return trip, it departs from Sylhet at 23:00 and arrives in Dhaka at 05:45. Wednesday is the weekly holiday of Upoban Express. See the below chart.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Sylhet Wed 22:00 05:00
Sylhet to Dhaka Mon 23:30 05:45

Upoban Express Stoppage Station

The Upoban Express It has many substations. The station names are given below, also given the departs time to see the chart.

Station Name Up Time (739) Down Time (740)
Biman Bandar 22:23 05:12
Narsingdi 23:09
Bhairab Bajar 23:40 04:03
Shaistagonj 01:22 02:30
Srimangal 02:06 01:41
Bhanugach 02:30 01:20
Shamshernagar 02:41 01:09
Kulaura 03:08 12:43
Baramchal 03:25 12:28
Maijgaon 03:43 12:09

Upoban Express Ticket Price

The ticket price of Upoban Express is not very costly. You can buy it very quickly. There are four kinds of seat category in Upoban Express. Seat prices based on their quality. If you want to good quality seat, you must pay more. You can buy the ticket to go to the station and also obtain a ticket online. Online ticket Booking system saves your time.

Category Price (15% VAT)
Shuolov Chair 340
Shuvon 285
First Seat Chair 445
First Berth 710
AC Berth 1169

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