Korotoa Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Korotoa Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Korotoa Express (train no.713/714) is an intercity train that runs Santahar To Burimari and the Burimari to Santahar route. It is a popular train service in Northern Bengal. In this article, we will write about the schedule and ticket price of Korotoa Express.

About Korotoa Express

The Korotoa Express operates the first service on 17 January 1986. The first inter-city train journey began in Bangladesh during the rule of President Hussein Muhammad Ershad. One of the few inter-city trains that opened early was the Karatoa Express. It starts the journey from Santahar and ends the journey in Burimari station.

Korotoa Express Train Schedule

Here you can find the exact schedule of the Korotoa Express train. The  Korotoa express starts the journey from Santahar railway station and ends the journey at Bhurimari station. It departs from Santahar at 09:15 and arrives on Bhurimari at 15:45. On the other hand, it departs from Bhurimari at 16:00 and arrives at Santahar station at 22:20. Korotoa Express has no off-day.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Santahar To Burimari Wed 09:15 15:45
Burimari To Santahar Wed 16:00 22:20

Korotoa Express Train Break Stations

Here you will able to know the journey break station at also ticket price of Korotoa Express. The Korotoa Express stops three stations. These are Bogra, Gaibandha, and Lalmonirhat. In this below chart, we have provided the ticket price of Korotoa Express. See this chart carefully and choose your ones.

Station Name Up Time (713) Down Time (714)
Bogra 09:58 21:21
Sonatola 10:37 20:45
Mahimaganj 10:49 20:35
BonarPara 11:01 20:23
Gaibandha 11:29 19:57
Bamondanga 12:09 19:25
Pirgacha 12:30 19:06
Kaunia 12:50 18:47
Lalmonirhat 13:20 18:00
Aditmari 13:45 17:38
Kakina 14:05 17:20
Tushbhandar 14:14 17:13
Hatibandha 14:42 16:46
Barkatha 14:55 16:34
Patgram 15:20 16:12
Burimari 03:45 16:10

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I think you have read this article totally, and now you know the details of the Korotoa Express train schedule and ticket price. You can inform us by commenting if you have any think to ask.

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