Meghna Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Meghna Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The Meghna express (train no 729/730) is an intercity train in Bangladesh which runs between Chittagong to Chandpur and Chandpur to Chittagong route. The train offers passengers many kinds of benefits. This train has a food zone from where you can collect food, a pray zone, a first aid zone, and also high toilets. First of all, a good security system has this train.

Meghna Express Train Schedule

The Meghna Express runs between the Chittagong and Chandpur route. It starts to travel from Chittagong at 18:00 and arrives on Chandpur at 22:00. Meghna Express has no off-day. In the return trip, its departures from Chandpur at 5:00 am and arrives on Chittagong at 08:45. For more clarity, also see the below chart.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Chittagong to Chandpur No 18:00 22:00
Chandpur to Chittagong No 05:00 08:45

Meghna Express Journey Break Station

While the Meghna Express travels on Chittagong to Chandpur, it’s stopped many stations. The break station name given below, see this.

Station Name Up Time (729) Down Time (730)
Feni 19:23 07:22
Hasanpur 19:46 06:58
Nangalkot 19:55 06:49
Laksam 20:12 06:15
Chitose road 20:46 05:49
Meher 20:59 05:46
Hajiganj 21:14 05:31
Modhuroad 21:28 05:18
Chandpur Court
Chandpur 21:43 05:03

Meghna Express Train Ticket Price

The ticket is not very costly. You can easily buy it. It has a different kind of seat category. The ticket price based on their type. In the below chart, we have given the seat category and ticket price. See the chart carefully.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 150
Shuvon Chair 180
Snigdha 345
1st Class Seat 240
1st Class Berth 360
AC Seat 414
AC Berth 621

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I tried to cover here details about the Meghna Express train. If you think that I missed something important about this route, you can inform us by commenting. Thanks for reading this article.

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