Jamalpur Express Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Jamalpur Express Train Schedule With Ticket Price

The Jamalpur Express is an intercity train under the Bangladesh Railway. This train started its operation recently. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been launched the Jamalpur Express on 26th January 2020. The Train is luxurious like other intercity trains in Bangladesh. This train has a total of 620 seats, including 11 air-conditioned chairs and 510 (Second Class) chairs. In this blog, you can learn about the train schedule, break station, and ticket price of the Train. Let’s check it out.

Jamalpur Express Train Schedule

The code of Jamalpur Express is (799/800). The Train arrives from Dhaka to Jamalpur route and here are 6 breaking stations. We are making a table of the Jamalpur Express train schedule.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka To Jamalpur Sun 10:00 13:40
Jamalpur to Dhaka Sun 18:45 22:40

Jamalpur Express Train Break Station

When the Jamalpur (799/800) Express travels between the Dhaka-Jamalpur-Dhaka route, The trains take a break at many stations. The break station name of Jamalpur station is given below.

Station Name Up Time (799) Down Time (800)
Biman Bandar 10:23
Joydebpur 10:49
Gafargaon 11:46 20:38
Mymensingh 12:28 19:52
Jamalpur_Town 13:40 18:40
Sarishabari 14:38 17:42

Jamalpur Express Train Ticket Price

There are only two types of seats in Jamalpur (799/800) Express. One is the Second Class Chair and the other is the Air Conditioner seat.  A total of 620 seats are available on the Express Train. See the train schedule from the below chart.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 185
Shuvon Chair 220
First Seat 295
First Birth 440
Snigdha 420
AC 506

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We tried to collect the exact information for you. If there you find any mistake please inform us by a comment, and we will try to solve it quickly. To know the updated schedule stay with us and keep supporting us.

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