Benapole Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Benapole Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The Benapole Express (train no.795-796) is an intercity train that runs the Dhaka-Benapole-Dhaka route. The train connects Dhaka to an important land port in Bangladesh. In this article, we go to discuss Benapole Express. If you want to travel Dhaka-Benapole-Dhaka then today’s article will help you. You can find all the information about Benapole Express that you need.

About Benapole Express

Once upon a time, there was no direct train service in Dhaka to the Benapole route. Then Bangladesh Government had decided to operate a new intercity on Dhaka to the Benapole route. And finally, operate the Benapole Express. The Benapole Express first operates on July 17, 2019. It is working 6 days each week. The average journey time of Benapole Express is 8 hours. Various modern facilities have been added to the train. The facilities are Bio-toilets, Air-conditioned controlled safe slide doors, Wheelchair, etc. The Benapole Express has 896 seats. There are 12 new coaches on the train.

Benapole Express Train Schedule

The Benapole Express will start the journey from Dhaka (Kamalapur station) at 23:45 and end the journey in Benapole at 07:20. On the other hand, It will depart from Benapole at 01:00 and arrives in Dhaka at 20:45. The train closes every Wednesday (For Benapole to Dhaka) and for Dhaka to Benapole closes every Thursday.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Benapole Wednesday 23:45 07:20
Benapole to Dhaka Wednesday 01:00 20:45

Benapole Express Train Break Stations

The Benapole express stops only 5 stations. These are Kamalapur railway station, Dhaka airport station, Ishwardi station, Jessore station and finally Benapole railway station.

Station Name Up Time (795) Down Time (796)
Jhikargacha 13:30 06:39
Jessore 13:55 06:00
Mobarakganj 14:55 05:26
Kotchandpur 15:08 05:12
Darshana 15:38 04:44
Chuyadanga 15:56 04:19
Poradah 16:40 03:45
Kushtia 16:56 03:22
Rajbari 18:00 02:10
Faridpur 18:42 01:35
Bhanga 19:15 00:52

Benapole Express Train Ticket Price

The ticket price for the train has been fixed at 534 Taka for Shovan chair, 1,013 Taka for Snigdha, 1,213 Taka for First Class seats each and 1,869 Taka for air-conditioned Berth. You can buy the ticket from the station counter and also buy it on the internet.

Category Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair 534
First Class 1213
AC Seat 1013
AC Berth 1869

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