Brahmaputra Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Brahmaputra Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The Brahmaputra Express is an intercity train in the Bangladesh railway. It is one of the fastest and luxurious trains in Bangladesh. The current director of the train is the Eastern Railway. This train started a journey from Komlapur railway station and end the journey to the Dewanganj railway station. Its journey time is 6 hours each day. In this time its travel about 212 km.

Brahmaputra Express Train Schedule

The Brahmaputra Express mainly travels on Dhaka to the Dewanganj route. It started a journey from Komlapur railway station at 18:15 arrives in Dewanganj at 23:50 the return trip, its departures from Dewanganj railway station at 06:40 arrives in Dhaka Komlapur railway station at 11:55. Have a look at the below chart.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Dewanganj No 18:15 23:50
Dewanganj to Dhaka No 06:40 11:55

The breakpoint of Brahmaputra Express

When the Brahmaputra Express travels on Dhaka to the Dewanganj route it takes rest in many stations. The breakpoint station names are given below.

Station Name Up Time (743) Down Time (744)
Biman bandar 18:38 11:14
Joydebpur 19:05
Gafargaon 20:07 09:52
Mymensingh 21:10 08:50
Piyarpur 21:53 08:16
Nandina 22:15 07:53
Jamalpur 22:30 07:35
Melanondo Bajar 22:50 07:14
Islampur 23:11 06:53

Brahmaputra Express Train Ticket Price

The ticket price is not very costly you can buy it easily. There are different price tickets. Ticket prices are based on their category. you can choose any seat category ticket according to your choice. The seat category and their price are given below, see the chart.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 185
Shuvon Chair 225
First Seat 300
First Birth 445
Snigdha 426
AC 512
Ac Birth 771

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