Sagardari Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Sagardari Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Here we discuss a Bangladeshi intercity train named Sagardari Express. Those are travel on Khulna to the Rajshahi route. If you want to travel on Khulna to Rajshahi or Rajshahi to Khulna by train, then see this article carefully. Here you find your necessary details.

Sagardari Express

Sagardari Express is a luxurious intercity train in Bangladesh. It travels between the route of Khulna-Rajshahi-Khulna. Sagardari Express Train Code is 761 Khulna to Rajshahi and Train Code 762 Rajshahi to Khulna. It is one of the fastest trains in Bangladesh. If you want to travel Sagardari Express in Khulna to Rajshahi route, then read the article carefully.

Sagardari Express Train Schedule

Here you can find the schedule of Khulna to Rajshahi and Rajshahi to Khulna route. The Sagardari Express departs from Khulna station at 16:00 and arrives in Rajshahi station at 22:00 about 7 hours needed. This time it holds the 761 code. It leaves Rajshahi station at 06:00 and reaches the Khulna station at 12:10. And this time, it contains the 762 code. Monday is the weekly holiday of Sagardari Express.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Khulna to Rajshahi Mon 16:00 22:00
Rajshahi to Khulna Mon 06:00 12:10

Sagardari Express Train Break Stations

Sagardari Express has two break stations. When it travels Khulna to Rajshahi and when travels Rajshahi to Khulna, it takes break many stations. These stations Up Down Time is given below.

Station Name Up Time (761) Down Time (762)
Noapara 16:32 11:07
Jessore 17:03 10:35
Mobarakganj 17:39 10:05
Kotchadpur 17:53 09:51
Safdarpur 18:03 09:40
Darshana 18:23 09:20
Chuyadanga 18:45 08:47
Alamdanga 19:04 08:29
Poradah 19:20 08:10
Mirpur 19:33 07:58
Bheramara 19:48 07:44
Pakshi 20:00 07:30
Ishwardi 20:15 07:10
 Azim Nagar 20:47 06:51
Abdulpur 20:58 06:40

Sagardari Express Train Ticket Price

Here we inform you about the ticket price of Sagardari Express. The ticket price is not very costly. There are four categories of tickets in Sagardari Express. Ticket Prices based on their category and quality. You can buy a ticket from the station and also buy it on the internet.

Category Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair 505
Snigdha 966
AC Seat 1156
AC Berth 1781

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That was all about the Sagardari Express train schedule & ticket price. We hope you got the information that you were found. If you have anything to know, you can write a comment in the comment section below. And please be back again for any route’s train schedule in Bangladesh.

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