Jayantika Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Jayantika Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The Jayantika Express (train no.717/718) is an intercity train in Bangladesh. It offers passengers many benefits. This train has many facilities. It has a food zone from where you can collect food, a first aid zone, a prayer zone, and many more facilities that give you tranquility. If you went to go on a journey by Jayantika Express you must need the schedule. We have given the schedule and the ticket price of the train is given below.

Jayantika Express Train Schedule

Here you can find the exact Schedule of the Jayantika Express Train. The Train travels between the Dhaka-Sylhet-Dhaka route. It departs the Kamalapur station at 11:15 and arrives in Sylhet at 19:00. And this time it holds the 717 number. On the return trip, it leaves Sylhet station at 12:00 and reaches Dhaka at 19:25, and this time it holds 718 numbers.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Sylhet Tue 11:15 19:00
Sylhet to Dhaka Thursday 12:00 19:25

Sylhet To Dhaka Journey Break Station

Now we discuss the journey break stations and ticket prices of Jayantika Express. The ticket price of Jayantika Express is not very costly. You can easily buy it from the station. And also buy the ticket from the internet.

Station Name Up Time (717) Down Time (718)
Biman Bandar 11:38 17:47
Ashuganj 12:54 17:28
Brahmanbaria 13:11 17:09
Azampur 13:37 16:46
Mokandpur 13:52 16:29
Harashpur 14:04 16:17
Montola 14:17 16:06
Nayapara 14:47 15:50
Shahjibazar 15:00 15:37
Saiestaganj 15:15 15:22
Srimangal 16:01 14:40
Bhanugach 16:23 14:19
Kulaura 17:11 13:17
Maijgaon 17:41 12:48

Jayantika Express Train Ticket Price

I think the ticket price of the Jayantika Express train is not very costly. you can easily buy a train ticket because it’s within your budget. Have a look at the below chart.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair 295
1st Seat 395
AC Seat 679

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All information about Jayantika Express is provided from the official website of Bangladesh Railway. I hope this information helps you out. Please share our website with others. Feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to come back again.

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