Dhumketu Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Dhumketu Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The train journeys are the most enjoyable journey. There are all of the thinks in the train that make your journey more enjoyable. Also, the train journey has many advantages. Our today’s topic is about an intercity train name Dhumketu Express that runs Dhaka to Rajshahi route. We provide all the information in this article about Dhumketu Express. If you want to travel on this trackway lets see the details.

Dhumketu Express

Dhumketu Express (Train No.769/770) is one of the inter-city trains operated by Bangladesh Railway. The train travels from the capital of Bangladesh  Dhaka to one of the metropolitan cities of Bangladesh Rajshahi. This one of the luxurious trains in Bangladesh.

Dhumketu Express Train Schedule

The Dhumketu Express departs from Dhaka to Kamalapur railway station at 06:00 AM and arrives at Rajshahi at 11:40. This time it holds 769 number and Dhumketu Express doesn’t run Dhaka to Rajshahi route on Saturday. In the return trip, Dhumketu Express starts the journey from Rajshahi at 23:20 and ends the journey in Kamalapur station at 05:. This time it holds the 770 number. Wed is the holiday of Rajshahi to Dhaka route.

Stations Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Rajshahi Thu 06:00 11:40
Rajshahi to Dhaka Wed 23:20 05:00

Dhumketu Express Train Break Stations

Here you can find the Stoppage of Dhumketu Express. While it travels Dhaka-Rajshahi-Dhaka route it takes a break in many stations. The station names are given below.

Station Name Up Time (769) Down Time (770)
Biman Bandar 06:23
Joydebpur 06:50 03:49
Tangail 07:47
B-B-East 08:14 02:31
Shaheed M Monsur Ali 08:54 01:49
Jamtoil 09:04
Ullapar 09:18
Baralbrij 09:45 01:49
Chatmohar 10:01 00:44
Ishwardi 10:23 00:23
Abdulpur 10:39 00:05
Arani 10:53

Dhumketu Express Train Ticket Price

The ticket price of Dhumketu Express is not very costly. it’s really cheap. Everyone can buy it. There are many kinds of the ticket in Dhumketu Express. The ticket prices are based on the seat category. If you want a good category seat you must pay more. Let’s see the below chart and choose one according to your choice.

Category Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair 340
Snigdha 570
AC Seat 680
AC Berth 1020

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Amartrain team is trying best to provide you the valid information via BD Official Railway Site. We tried to provide more and more information on Dhumketu Express. Please leave a comment below if you think we missed out on some topic.

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