Parbatipur To Santahar Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Parbatipur To Santahar Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Are you searching Parbatipur to Santahar train schedule? I can assure you that you will able to find it here. In this article, we will discuss the train schedule of the Parbatipur to Santahar route and also the ticket price of this trackway. Read this article carefully to get all the information about Parbatipur to Santahar train.

Parbatipur To Santahar Intercity Train Schedule

The Parbatipur to Santahar trackway has two types of train service one is Intercity and another is the Mail train. There are 10 intercity trains in this route these are Ekota Express (706), Rupsha express (728), Barandra express (732), Titumir express (734), Simanta express (748), Drutajan Express (758), Nilsagor express (766), Dolanchapa Express (768), Panchagarh Express (794). Kurigram Express (798), Banglabandha Express (804). In the below chart all the schedule has given.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota Express (706) No 23:50 02:10
Rupsha Express (728) Thu 10:00 12:10
Barandra Express (732) Sun 07:25 09:40
Titumir Express (734) Wed 15:55 18:10
Simanta Express (748) Mon 20:10 22:15
Drutajan Express (758) No 11:00 13:10
Nilsagor Express (766) Sunday 23:10 01:05
Dolanchapa Express (768) Sunday 07:00 12:25
Panchagarh Express (794) No 15:15 17:07
Kurigram Express (798) Wed 09:30 11:35
Banglabandha Express (803) Friday 11:30 14:10

Parbatipur To Santahar Mail/Express Train Schedule

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Uttarbanga Mail (8) No 14:25 22:40
Rocket express (24) No 09:10 12:55
Uttara express (32) No 03:15 06:20

Parbatipur To Santahar Train Ticket Price

The ticket price of a train is not very costly. It’s cheaper than other trips. There are many advantages to the train journey one of these is it saves your money. There are four types of seat categories in Parbatipur To Santahar train. These are Shuvon, Shuvon Chair, First Seat, Snigdha. The price has been added to the below chart. See the chart carefully and choose one for you.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 95
Shuvon Chair 115
First Seat 155
Snigdha 190

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All the information about Parbatipur To Santahar route is collected from Bangladesh railways’ official website. If you found any wrong information in this blog please let us know by comment.

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