Khulna To Jessore Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Khulna To Jessore Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Almost every person like to travel by train. This article is for those people who want to travel from  Khulna to Jessore. Here in this article, I will discuss Khulna to Jessore train schedule and some related information. Many people are traveling from Khulna to Jessore by train and searching for information about this route. Are you one of them? Read this article carefully get the information that you need about Khulna to Jessore train.

Khulna To Jessore Train Intercity Train Schedule

Khulna to Jessore route has some Intercity train. Like Kapotaksha Express (715), Sundarban Express (725), Rupsha Express (727), Simanta Express (747), etc, etc. All of the trains have off day. Here you will know about off day and trains time table. I think this information will help you. See the below chart and gather your right information.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Kapotaskh Express (715) Fri 06:45 07:49
Sundarban Express (725) Tue 21:45 22:52
Rupsha Express (727) Thu 07:15 08:19
Simanta Express (747) Mon 21:15 22:22
Sagardari Express (761) Mon 16:00 17:03
Chittra Express (763) Sun 09:00 10:04

Khulna To Jessore Train Mail/Express Train Schedule

Khulna to Jessore route has some mail train or express train like Mohananda Express (15), Rocket Express (23), Nokshikantha Express (25), etc, etc. In this route, trains don’t have any off day. So that’s why people can come and go every day. If you need to know the time table here you can get the time table. Check the below chart and collect your information.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohananda Express (15) No
Rocket Express (23) No
Nokshikantha Express (25) No
Benapol Commuter (53) No
Khulna Commuter (95) No

Khulna To Jessore Train Train Ticket Price

If you want to travel by train Khulna to Jessore you have to pay less money. So that’s why everyone can go Khulna To Jessore in less money. Which train run at this route that train has many seat category like Shuvon, First seat, Snigdha, AC, etc. If you want to know seat price you have to check the below chart. Check this below chart and get your information.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 60
Shuvon Chair 70
First Seat 90
Snigdha 115
AC 135

I hope this article helps you to collect your information about Khulna to Jessore train. All-time I am trying to give the correct information. But you face any problem tell us the problem in the comment box. And you got any benefit from here please share this article with your friends.

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