Chitra Express Train Schedule And Ticket price

Chitra Express Train Schedule & Ticket price

However, this topic is about the Chitra Express train schedule. The name of this train is the Chitra Express train, which is an Intercity train. This train travels between Dhaka to Khulna route. If you want to travel to this trackway then this article is for you. Trains are the best vehicle for a long trip. The train journey is the most enjoyable. This journey is really easy and cozy than the other journey. It gives you different kinds of experiences. When you travel by train you will enjoy every moment.

About Chitra Express Train

Chitra Express (Train No 763/764) is an Intercity express train that runs on the Dhaka-Khulna route. The Chitra train runs from Dhaka to Khulna in a broad gauge bogie. The train has a total of 12 bogeys and 4 seats. The train has two air-conditioned (AC) cabins and AC chair rooms. Additional buggy is added to the train on different days.

Chitra Express Train Schedule

Here you will the information about the Chitra Express train schedule. The Train departs from Dhaka at 19:00 and arrives at Khulna at 03:40. This time it holds the 763 number. On the return trip, the train leaves the Rangpur station at 09:00 and reaches Kamalapur station at 17:55. About 9 hours are needed on this journey.

Stations  Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Khulna Monday 19:00 03:40
Khulna to Dhaka Monday 09:00 17:55

Chitra Express Train Break Stations

While Chitra Express runs between the Dhaka-Khulna-Dhaka route it takes a break in many stations. The break station is given below.

Station Name Up Time (763) Down Time (764)
Nowapara 09:31 02:52
Jessore 10:02 02:20
Mobarokgonj 10:47
Kotchandpur 11:00 01:41
Darshana 11:25
Chuyadanga 11:46 00:55
Alamdanga 12:07 00:35
Poradah 12:24 00:16
Mirpur 12:37
Bheramara 12:49 23:55
Ishwardi 13:15 23:15
Chatmohor 13:48 22:44
Baral bridge 14:09 22:29
Ullapara 14:30 22:09
Shaheed M Mansur Ali 14:49 21:51
B-Bridge east 15:45 21:15
Bimanbandar 17:22 19:27

Chitra Express Train Ticket Price

We researched and found out the exact ticket price of Chitra Express. The Ticket price is given below. There are many categories of tickets on the train. The ticket is based on their quality. The price starts at 505 takas and ends at 1505 taka. See the below chart and choose one for you.

Category Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair 505
1st Seat 670
1st Berth 1005
Snigdha 840
AC Seat 1005
AC Berth 1505

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All the information is collected from a valid source. We tried our best to provide details about the Chitra Express train schedule. Information is based on BD Official Railway. Place a comment in the following if you think we missed out on some topic. Feel free to share and be back again anytime from anywhere.

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