Dhaka Metro Rail In Bangladesh

Metro Rail In Bangladesh: Bangladesh Railway Project

Establishing this Metro rail in Dhaka is a landmark step for the authority to remove the traffic jam in Dhaka city. The first metro rail system of the country, Mass Rapid Transit Line-6 or MRT-6, is being built from the Uttara to Motijheel of the capital Dhaka at the cost of TK 21,985 crore. Traffic jam is one of the massive problems in Dhaka city, and This has long been considered the main problem behind the socio-economic backwardness of the country.

From this issue, The Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) tried to do something to transform and develop a more integrated transit system for the rapidly growing capital, and that’s why they took a 20-year strategic transport plan (STP) in 2005 and finally, the concept to set up Dhaka Metro Rail come to their head.

State-owned DMTCL is implementing the project titled Mass Rapid Transit Line-6 under the jurisdiction of the Road Transport and Highway Division, Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, Government of Bangladesh.

Dhaka Metro Rail Project (Metro Rail In Bangladesh)

Dhaka Metro Rail is an approved Mass Rapid Transit system under construction in Dhaka. After completing the project, the train will be able to carry 60,000 people an hour with 16 stations that will play a great contribution to reduce the traffic jam, and the city men will be able to make the best use of time. The overall progress of the construction of the metro rail is about 68%.

There will be 144 coaches for the 24 train sets that will run on a 21km-route from Uttara to Kamalapur railway station. The metro rail will be officially run by 2022, and it is estimated that it will play an important contribution to improving Dhaka city broadly for the whole country.

Metro Rail Map in Dhaka

Here is an image of the Dhaka Metro Rail map that will help you make out the complete rouet a well, as you will be able to get a clear conception of the whole project. Foremost,t I want to inform you that  Metro rail has already been inaugurated in many phases. It will run within 16 stations, a landmark for improving the Dhaka city and city men.

Dhaka Metro Rail Project Contractors

The whole Metro rail project is operating by the Dhaka Mess Transit Company (DMTC). It is a joint venture project, and so several companies are involved in completing the project. The Italian-Thai Development Public Company Ltd. and Sinohydro Corporation Ltd has done the civil work of the project.

JV and a Tokyo-based construction company are in operation to develop the depot’s land. Similarly, India’s Larsen & Toubro construction company works for the track laying, overhead electric supply, and signaling system.

The Communications Ministry’s Dhaka Transport Co-ordination Authority is responsible for the management of the project. Bangladeshi firms known as NKDM Association are acting as General Consultants (GC). After completing the whole project, DMTCL will operate the metro rail.

That’s abstract information about the Dhaka Metro rail. I think you will get an amidst conception about the Dhaka metro rail. If you need more information about the topic, then come to the site again.

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