Burimari Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Burimari Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price Mostly Waited

Burimari Express train schedule and ticket price are available here. The Burimari Express is a newly launched intercity train in Bangladesh Railway that would journey from Dhaka To Lalmonirhat district about 500 km distance. The Bangladesh Ministry of Railways announced that from 12 March 2024,

there will be 2 more intercity trains in the name Burimari Express, one will start its journey from Lalmonirhat and another will start its journey from Dhaka. And, though the name of the train is Burimari Express; it will finish its journey at Lalmonirhat station.

So, what will happen to the people who are actually from Burimari and the land port? That’s why there will be two shuttle trains that will bring the passengers and will be added to the Burimari Express.

Burimari Express Train Schedule

Burimari Express will journey from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka six days a week. The 809 Burimari Express is off on Tuesday and the 810 Burimari Express is off on Monday. Due to the lack of capacity to operate Burimari Express from Burimari to Dhaka,

there will be two shuttle trains that will bring passengers from Patgram to Lalmonirhat. Check the Burimari Express train schedules here.

Burimari Express Train Schedule From 
Shuttle Train Schedule: 455(809) Local From Lalmonirhat 18:50 To Burimari 21:40 And 72 Burimari Commuter From Burimari
18:00 To Lalmonirhat 20:25
Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Lalmonirhat 809 Tue 08:30 18:10
Lalmonirhat to Dhaka 810 Mon 21:10 07:00

Burimari Express Train Stoppages

The Burimari Express will give stoppages in the big stations. The shuttle trains that will bring passengers from Burimari to Lalmonirhat will make stops in Patgram, Borokhata, Hatibandha, and Tushvandar. After that, it will be connected to the Burimari Express.

Station Name Up Time (809) Down Time (810)
Bimanbandar 08:53
Ishwardi Bypass ( Only 809) 12:28
Natore 13:01 01:50
Santahar Junction 14:15 12:50
Bogra 15:00 12:03
Bonarpara 15:55 23:09
Gaibandha 16:24 22:42
Kaunia 17:36 21:33

Burimari Express Train Ticket Price

The Burimari Express train ticket price is praiseworthy and affordable for most of the passengers who want to go from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka and Dhaka to Lalmonirhat. There are a total of 14 coaches available in Burimari Express. Two air-conditioned chair coaches,

one air-conditioned cabin coach, eight non-AC chair coaches, two foodcar+non AC-chair+ Guardbreak Coach and one Generator coach.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon Chair 505 Tk
Snigdha 966 Tk
AC Seat 1162 Tk

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