Bhairab Bazar To Dhaka Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Bhairab To Dhaka Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Are you finding the Bhairab to Dhaka train schedule of the exact time? Then you are in the right place. provides you with the best information about the train schedule and ticket prices in Bangladesh.
In this article, You will find the Bhairab to Dhaka train schedule of the Intercity train, Mail Express train, and the exact ticket price. So no more delay, information is provided below:

Bhairab To Dhaka Train Schedule

Intercity is one of the most comfortable train services in Bangladesh. Here we provide the Bhairab To Dhaka Train Schedule for all Intercity trains. Intercity is one of the best Non-governmental train services in Bangladesh. Intercity has a lot of facilities and it is faster than any other train. If you want to go from Bhairab Bazar to Dhaka Intercity train can be the best choice for you.

The Bhairab to Dhaka train schedule is below:

Train Name Off day Departure Arrival
Mahanagar Godhuli (703) No 19:07 20:55
Parbat Express (710) Tuesday 20:30 22:15
Mahanagar Express (721) Sunday 16:57 18:40
Egaro Sindhur Provati (738) No 08:20 10:30
Upaban Express (740) No 04:06 05:45
Turna (741) No 03:33 05:15
Egaro Sindhur Godhuli (750) Wednesday 14:55 16:45
Kalni Express (774) Friday 11:10 13:00
Kishoregonj Express (782) Friday 17:48 19:55
CHATTALA EXPRESS (801) Fri 10:21 12:10

Intercity is one of the modern categories trains of in Bangladesh. It has a modern canteen, toilets, ac cabins. The intercity train is liked by all. And if you compare Intercity with other trains in Bangladesh, you’ll notice the Intercity train is one of the best choices.

Bhairab To Dhaka Train Schedule
Bhairab To Dhaka Mail Express Train Schedule

Mail Express is another comfortable train service in Bangladesh. It is mostly governmental but there are some non-governmental trains too. It is a little slower than the Intercity train and the Mail Express train stops at stations at regular intervals. It may take a longer time than the intercity.

Train Name Off day Departure Arrival
Dhaka Mail (01) No 04:27 06:55
Karnafuli Express (03) No 16:30 19:45
Surma Mail (10) No 05:07 09:15
Dhaka Express (11) No 02:17 06:40
Titas Commuter (33) No 05:57 08:30
Titas Commuter (35) No 12:59 15:15
Isha Khan Express (40) No 17:50 23:00
Chattala Express (67) Tuesday 13:48 15:00
Comilla Commuter (89) Tuesday 8:58 12:50

Bhairab To Dhaka Train Ticket Price

If you compare the price with the Bus service in Bangladesh, the Train is quite cheap. And the best choice for the middle classes and lower-middle classes. Here is the ticket price provided seat category-wise in BDT.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 85
Shuvon Chair 105
First Seat 135
First Birth 205
Snigdha 196
AC 236
Ac Birth 351

Online Train Ticket Booking

Now you know the Bhairab To Dhaka Train Schedule & ticket price. Bangladesh is moving fast day by day, nowadays you can buy train tickets from home. You don’t need to go to the station and stand in the long line.

Buy Tickets Online

Bhairab To Dhaka Train Schedule time is fixed but it can be delayed for an unwanted reason.

Bangladesh train is safe but you have to stay alert and Keep your goods carefully and take care of it. Don’t eat something from someone you don’t know. It is highly recommended to avoid suspects.

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  1. As per seat category shuvon,shuvon chair,first seat,first birth,snigda,ac,ac birth tickets price different but there is question :- why standing ticket price same as shuvon?
    NB:-Like others catagory should have fixed standing ticket price.

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