Narsingdi Station Train Schedule

Narsingdi Station Train Schedule

Narsingdi is a district in central Bangladesh. Narsingdi has located 50 KM north-east from Dhaka, it is a part of the Dhaka division. In this post, you have able to know the train schedule of Narshingdi station. While you travel by train from Narshingdi station to different places in Bangladesh, the article will help you a lot. Read this article carefully with your concentration.

Narsingdi To Dhaka Train Schedule

The distance of Narsingdi to Dhaka is approximately 50 KM. There is a lot of mail and intercity trains run on this route. You can choose one kind of train for your trip. If you want a relaxed journey you should make your trip with intercity. Otherwise, you will also able to get a safe journey with mail/express train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Upakul Express (711) Wednesday 10:07 11:20
Mahanagar Express (721) Sun 17:30 18:40
Egaro Sindhur provati (738) No 09:04 10:30
Egaro Sindhur godhuli (750) Wed 15:27 16:45
KALNI Express (774) Fri 11:42 13:00
Kishorgonj Express (782) Mon 18:30 19:55
Chattala express (801) Tuesday 11:00 12:10 pm

Narsingdi To Chittagong Train Schedule

There is a good conduction system on Narsingdi to the Chittagong route. The distance of this route is a bit long. Chittagong is 260 KM away from Narsingdi station. This route has one intercity train and three mail/express trains. You can choose one train and make a trip on Narsingdi to Chittagong.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mahanagar Express (722) Sunday 22:32 04:50
Chittagong Mail (2) No 00:10 07:25
Karnafuli Express (4) No 10:26 18:00
Chattala Express (68) Tuesday 14:17 20:50

Narsingdi To Kishoreganj Train Schedule

Three intercity trains are traveling on Narsingdi To Kishoreganj. Three trains are respectively Egarosindhur Provati(737), Egarosindhur Godhuli(749), Kishoreganj Express (781). The trains are traveling on this route different departure times.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Egarosindhur Provati (737) Wed 08:24 11:10
Egarosindhur Goduli (749) No 19:55 22:40
 Kishorgonj Express (781) Mon 11:41 14:10

Narsingdi To Noakhali Train Schedule

This route has only one mail/express train. The Noakhali Upakul Express (712)  is a mail train that travels on this route. Though it is a Intercity train, I hope this train assure you on a safe journey.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Upakul Express (712) Tues 16:20 20:40

Narsingdi To B. Baria Train Schedule

Narsingdi to B. Baria route distance is about 65 KM. In this route, you have found only 3 Intercity train name Titas Upukol Express (712), Mohanagar Express (722). CHATTALA EXPRESS (802)  which is a Intercity train under the Bangladesh Railway.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Upukol Express (712) Tuesday 16:20 17:17
Mohanagar Express (722) Sunday 22:30 23:28
CHATTALA EXPRESS (802) Fri 14:55 15:55

Narsingdi To Akhaura Train Schedule

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Upukol Express (712) Tuesday 16:20 17:47
Mohanagar Express (722) Sunday 22:30 23:55
CHATTALA EXPRESS (802) Fri 14:55 16:25

Narsingdi To Comilla Train Schedule

If you want to travel on Narsingdi to Comilla route by train, you will find the train Comilla Upakul Express (712),Mahanagar Express (722) and CHATTALA EXPRESS (802) . This trackway has no other train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Upakul Express (712) Tue 16:20 18:38
Mahanagar Express (722) Sunday 22:30 00:46
CHATTALA EXPRESS (802) Fri 14:55 17:17

While traveling by train you should abide by some of the safety tips that make your journey secure and more comfortable. I hope the above information will help you while by train from Narshingdi station. If you have any question please ask us by comment.

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