Pirgacha Station Train Schedule

Pirgacha Station Train Schedule

Every day lots of people travel by train from Pirgacha station, and most of them search for information to get the train schedule of Pirgacha station. But often, they remain unable to get all the information that they need. This is why today I will share with you all the train schedules in detail. So not to talk more, read the whole article patiently.

Pirgacha Station Intercity Train Schedule

Do you want to travel by intercity train? If yes, there is good news for you. From Pirgacha, four intercity trains run to many destinations. I have also given here the off-day and the arrival places. For more information, keep reading the following table carefully.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Korotoa Express (714) Wed 19:31 Santahar 22:40
Lalmoni Express (752) Fri 10:45 Dhaka 19:40
Rangpur Express (772) Sun 21:07 Dhaka 06:05

I always try to make the article free from mistakes. If you get any wrong information, please inform me immediately. This page is full of train-related information. So if you need any information about the train then come back with ou any hesitate. Thank you.

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