Laksam Station Train Schedule

Laksam Station Train Schedule

Are you looking for the information about Laksam station train schedule? We have brought the train schedule and share it with you. Laksam Station is a busy train station all over Bangladesh. If you want to travel from this station you have to know the schedule. Bangladesh Railway has a total of 440 stations, these are spreads all over Bangladesh. Laksam Station is one of them.

Laksam To Dhaka Train Schedule

From Laksham station a many of train travel to different places in Bangladesh with several departures time. Among the travel places, Dhaka is one of them. See the trains name, off-day and also departure time from the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohanagor Godholi (703) No 17:15 21:25
Upakul Express (711) Wednesday 07:30 11:45
Mohanogor Express (721) Sunday 14:53 19:10
Turna (741) No 01:17 05:15
Dhaka Mail (1) No 01:00 06:55
Karnafuli Express (3) No 13:00 19:45
Dhaka Express (11) No 22:55 06:40
Chattala Express (67) Tuesday 10:53 15:35

Laksam To Chittagong Train Schedule

Here you able to know the Laksam to Chittagong train schedule and the train’s name these are runs between this route. You will find a lot of trains on this route some of are intercity and some of are mail/express trains. If you like to travel comfortably you should choose the intercity train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohanagor Provati (704) No 11:35 14:00
Paharika Express (720) Saturday 17:00 19:35
Mohanogor Express (722) Sunday 02:15 04:50
Udayan Express (724) Sunday 03:35 06:00
Meghna Express (730) No 06:20 09:00
Turna (742) No 03:51 06:20
Bijoy Express (786) Tuesday 03:05 05:30
Chittagong Mail (2) No 04:33 07:25
Karnafuli Express (4) No 14:50 18:00
Jalalabad Express (14) No 08:30 12:10
Sagarika Express (30) No 16:25 19:25
Mymensingh Express (38) No 16:37 21:05
Chattala Express (68) Tuesday 17:51 20:50
Laksam Commuter (80) Saturday 06:00 8:50

Laksam To Noakhali Train Schedule

The route distance of Laksam to the Noakhali route is about 45 KM. This route has a total of three trains among them one is intercity and the other two is mail/express train. The intercity train has some luxurious features that will make your trip more comfortable. Choose one kind of train according to your choice.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Upakul Express (712) Wednesday 19:40 21:20
Noakhali Express (12) No 03:45 05:50
Noakhali Commuter (88) Friday 15:00 16:40

Laksam To Sylhet Train Schedule

There are three trains travel between Laksam to Sylhet route. Are you want to travel on this route? see the below chart and choose one kind of train according to your choice and make your trip on this route.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Paharika Express (719) Monday 11:25 18:00
Udayan Express (723) Saturday 00:01 06:00
Jalalabad Express (13) No 23:15 11:00

Laksam To Chandpur Train Schedule

There is only one intercity train available on this route. It is Meghna express. Intercity trains are so fast and it doesn’t stop regular interval. It is filled with many luxurious features like Ac cabin, Canteen, Pray zone, Security guard, etc. On the other hand 3 mail/express available on this route.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Meghna Express (729) No 19:40 21:25
Sagarika Express (29) No 10:55 13:00
Chandpur Commuter (84) Friday 13:30 15:50
Chandpur Commuter (82) Friday 07:00 09:00

Laksam To Mymensingh Train Schedule

The Bijoy Express (785) is only one intercity train on Laksam to the Mymensingh route. This train departs from Laksam station at 09:40 and reaches Mymensingh at 15:55. For more clarity, you can see the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Bijoy Express (785) Wednesday 09:40 15:55

Laksam To B.B East Train Schedule

Laksam To B.B East route has only the Mymensingh Express (37) train. This train runs on this route regularly without any off-day. See the schedule of this train from the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mymensingh Express (37) No 19:42 09:20

Laksam To Comilla Train Schedule

There is no intercity train on Laksam To Comilla route. But this route is filled with 5 mail/express train. Among the train, Laksam Commuter(79) travel regularly on this without off-day and the other trains off-day is Friday. Have a look at the below chart and be informed more about the schedule.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Laksam Commuter (79) No 20:35 21:05
Chandpur Commuter (81) Friday 11:55 12:20
Chandpur Commuter (83) Friday 19:05 19:45
Noakhali Commuter (85) Friday 12:10 12:55
Noakhali Commuter (86) Friday 06:55 07:25

The train journey is secure and also comfortable from another journey. For this reason, this journey becomes popular day by day. For your carelessness, some accidents can happen. So before the journey, you have must aware of the safety issues. Have a safe and secure journey. Thank you.

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