Kapotaskh Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Kapotaksha Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The Kapotaksha Express (train no. 715/716) is an intercity train that runs between Rajshahi to Khulna route. It is one of the popular trains in Bangladesh. Our today’s topic is about Kapotaksha Express schedule, ticket price and you will also find some safety tips.

About Kapotaksha Express

The Kapotaksha Express is an intercity train in Bangladesh. It operates the first service on May 01, 1986. The train was temporarily stopped in 1988. Later the train resumed at the end of the 1989 year. The present director of this train is the Western region. Its start journey from Khulna and stop Rajshahi. About 263.2 km of distance travel it every day. There are many facilities in Kapotaksha Express. It has seat management, food benefits, Entertainment benefits, etc.

Kapotaksha Express Train Schedule

The Kapotaksha Express departs from Khulna at 14:30 and arrives Khulna at 20:15. In the return trip, Kapotaksha Express leaves the Khulna station at 06:45 and after 6 hours it will reach the Rajshahi station at 12:20. The average time need for this journey is 6 hours. The weekly close day of Kapotaksha Express is Fri.

Station Off Day Departure To
Rajshahi to Khulna Fri 14:30 20:15
Khulna to Rajshahi Fri 06:45 12:20

Kapotaksha Express Train Break Stations

While the Kapotaksha Express Travel on Rajshahi-Khulna-Rajshahi route it takes a break in 15 stations. The station names are given below. See this.

 Station Name Up Time (715) Down Time (716)
Nowapara 07:18 19:37
Jessore 07:49 19:05
Mobarakganj 08:19 18:31
Kotchandapur 08:32 18:17
Darshana 09:03 17:33
Chuyadanga 09:25 17:10
Alamdanga 09:44 16:52
Poradah 10:00 16:34
Mirpur 10:13 16:22
Bheramara 10:25 16:09
Pakshi 10:39 15:55
Ishwardi 10:50 15:30
Azim Nagar 11:22 15:16

Kapotaksha Express Train Ticket Price

Now we talk about the ticket price of Kapotaksha Express. The ticket is not very costly it’s really cheap. Also, the cost of train travel is always low. There are many categories of seats in Kapotaksha Express. The ticket prices are based on their quality. If you want good quality then you must pay more. However, you will be able to collect the ticket from the ticket counter or also, buy it from the internet.

Category Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 260
Shuvon Chair 310
1st Class 410
Snigdha 515
AC 615

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