Joydebpur Railway Station Train Schedule

Joydebpur Railway Station Train Schedule | Gazipur Railway Station Train

Get information about the Gazipur Railway station here. People are searching for details about the Joydebpur Railway station train schedule. Let’s read about the Joydebpur Railway station. I am going to share with you information about the Joydebpur station train schedule. If you need the information about the Joydebpur station train schedule, read this article carefully.

About Joydebpur Railway Station

Joydebpur Railway station is also known as Gazipur Railway station which is located in Gazipur, Dhaka. This station was build up when Dacca State Railway constructed the Narayanganj-Mymensingh meter-gauge railway track in 1884-85. Among some of the ancient railway stations of Bangladesh, Joydebpur railway station is one of them.

Gazipur Railway Station

Joydebpur To Dinajpur Train Schedule

There are two intercity trains; these are travel between Joydebpur station to Dinajpur route. The approximate distance of this route is 315 KM. About 7-9 hours needed for the trip of this trackway. See the below chart and choose one train for your journey partner.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota Express(705) Tuesday 11:05 19:00
Drutajan Express(757) Wednesday 20:30 04:00

Joydebpur To Dhaka Train Schedule

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. There is a good train conduction system between Joydebpur to Dhaka route. In this trackway, you will find a lot of Intercity and mail/express train. The trains are traveling on this route with different departure times. First, you see the below chart and choose one train to make your trip. See the off-day carefully.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota Express(706) Monday 06:50 08:10
Sundarban(725) Tuesday 05;57 07:00
Jumona Express(746) No 06:20 07:45
Lalmoni Express(752) Friday 18:47 19:55
SilkCity Express(754) Sunday 12:25 13:30
Drutajan Express(758) Wednesday 17:10 18:10
Padma Express(760) Tuesday 20:36 21:40
Chitra Express(763) Monday 16:40 17:40
Nilshagar Express(766) Sunday 04:27 05:30
Dhomkato Express(770) Friday 03:40 04:45
Sirajgonj Express(775) Saturday 09:15 10:20
Hawr Express(778) Thursday 12:40 14:50
Tangail Commuter(1/2) Friday 08:28 09:30
Mohua Commuter(44) No 20:07 21:25
Dewangonj Express(48) no 17:54 19:15
Balaka Express(50) No 16:18 17:25
Jamalpur Commuter(52) no 10:10 11:15
Vawal Express(56) No 09:42 11:35
Joydebpur Commuter-2 Friday 10:45 12:00
Joydebpur Commuter-4 Friday 15:20 17:10
Turag Express-2 Friday 07:30 08:45
Turag Express-4 Friday 19:10 20:30

Joydebpur To Dewangonge Bazar Train Schedule

Joydebpur to Dewangonge route is the busiest route in Bangladesh. A total of five trains run on this route, among them two are intercity trains, and three are mail/express trains. In the below chart, the train schedule has been given.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Tista Express(707) Monday 08:26 12:40
Brahammoputra Express(743) No 19:10 23:50
Dewangonj Express(47) no 06:48 11:40
Jamalpur Commuter(51) No 16:40 22:15
Vawal Express(55) no 22:32 05:40

Joydebpur To Khulna Train Schedule

Sundarban Express(726) and Chitra Express(764) are two intercity trains; these are travel on Joydebpur to the Khulna route. The intercity trains are luxurious in Bangladesh. The intercity train has some modern facilities, and they provide many attractive services.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Sundarban Express(726) Wednesday 09:12 17:40
Chitra Express(764) Monday 20:00 04:20

Joydebpur To Tarakandi Train Schedule

Jamuna Express(745) is the only intercity train that runs on Joydebpur To Tarakandi route. The distance of this trackway is about 120 KM. You will able to get a peaceful and comfortable journey with Jamuna Express(745) train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Jamuna Express(745) No 17:47 22:55

Joydebpur To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule

Are you want to travel Lalmonirhat from Joydebpur station? For your trip, you will find the train Lalmoni Express(751). The train departs from Joydebpur station at 22:42 and arrives in Lalmonirhat at 07:20. Friday in the weekly off-day of Lalmoni Express.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Lalmoni Express(751) Friday 22:42 07:20

Joydebpur To Rajshahi Train Schedule

Before the train journey, you must know the train schedule and other relative information. Here you able to know the Joydebpur To Rajshahi route train schedule from Joydebpur station. The schedule has been given below in the form of a chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Silkcity Express(753) Sunday 15:48 20:35
Padma Express(759) Tuesday 00:01 04:30

Joydebpur To Chilahati Train Schedule

From Joydebpur station to Chilahati route, there is only one intercity train travel name Nilshagar Express(765). This train starts the journey from Joydebpur station at 07:33 and arrives in Chilahati at 16:00. See the off-day from the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Nilshagar Express(765) Monday 07:33 16:00

Joydebpur To Sirajgonj Train Schedule

Sirajgonj Express(776) is travel on Joydebpur To the Sirajgonj route. The Sirajgonj Express is an intercity train under the Bangladesh Railway. The train travel departs from Joydebpur station at 17:57 and arrives in Sirajgonj at 21:30. Sunday is the weekly holiday of Sirajgonj Express.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Sirajgonj Express(776) Saturday 17:57 21:30

Joydebpur To Mohangonj Train Schedule

While traveling from Joydebpur station to Mohangonj by train, you will find two trains, one is Intercity, and another one is mail/express train. The trains have a different departure time. See the schedule of those trains from the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Hawr Express(777) Thursday 23:12 04:40
Mohua Commuter(43) No 09:22 14:40

Joydebpur To BB East Train Schedule

The passenger of BB East can travel by Tangail Commuter(1/2) train from Joydebpur station. Tangail Commuter(1/2) is a mail train on this trackway. Friday is the holiday of this train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Tangail Commuter(1/2) Friday 19:18 20:50

Joydebpur To Chapainababganj Train Schedule

Joydebpur to Chapainababganj route distance is about 275 KM. But there is no intercity train on this route. The Rajshahi Express(5) is your last choice for traveling on this route. The train regularly runs on Joydebpur to the Chapainababganj route.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rajshahi Express(5) No 13:17 22:30

Joydebpur To Jharia Jhanjail Train Schedule

Balaka Express(49) is a mail train service that runs on Joydebpur to Jharia Jhanjail route. This train has no weekly off-day it works all day in a week. See the departure and arrival time of this train from the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Balaka Express(49) No 05:47 10:00

Joydebpur To Mymensingh Train Schedule

Now you are going to know the train schedule of Joydebpur To Mymensingh route. There is only one mail/express train on this route name Mymensingh Commuter(91). The train has a weekly off-day on Wednesday. Have a look at the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mymensingh Commuter(91) Wednesday 12:30 15:20

Joydebpur Railway Station Phone Number


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Before a trip, you must know the relevant information about this trip. I hope the above details on the Joydebpur/Gazipur Railway station train schedule will help you to appear at your destination. Have a safe and secure journey. And must abide by the safety rules. All the information given here about Joydebpur Station Train Schedule has collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railway.

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