Gafargaon Station Train Schedule

Gafargaon Station Train Schedule

Bangladesh Railway has a total of 339 trains. And there are a total of 440 stations spread across different parts of Bangladesh. Today I am talking about the Gafargaon Station and share with you the train schedule of this station. If you are searching for this station schedule, here you able to get this. Read the full article with attention.

Gafargaon To Dewangonj Bazar Train Schedule

From Gafargaon station trains is travel to different places in Bangladesh. Among the places, Dewangonj Bazar is one of them. In this trackway, you have able to get many Mail/Express trains and also one intercity train. Each train has a different departure time.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Tista Express (707) Monday 09:28 12:40
Brahmoputra Express (743) No 20:20 23:50
Dewangonj Commuter (47) No 08:07 11:40
Jamalpur Commuter (51) No 17:59 22:15
Vawal Express (55) No 23:55 05:40

Gafargaon To Dhaka Train Schedule

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. There is a lot of trains on Gafargaon to the Dhaka route. There is a good conduction system on this route. A total of 6 intercity trains and 5 Mail/Express trains runs on this route. Are you want a comfortable journey you should choose the intercity trains.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Tista Express (708) Monday 17:57 20:25
Aghnibina Express (736) No 20:52 23:00
Brahmaputra Express (744) No 10:10 12:40
Jamuna Express (746) No 05:12 07:45
Hawr Express (778) Thursday 11:22 13:50
Mohanginj Express (790) Monday 02:52 05:00
Mohua Commuter (44) No 18:30 21:25
Dewangonj Commuter No 16:21 19:15
Balaka Commuter (50) No 14:43 17:25
Jamalpur Commuter (52) No 08:37 11:15
Vawal Express (56) No 07:18 15:20

Gafargaon To Tarakandi Train Schedule

Aghnibina Express (735) and Jamuna Express (745) are two intercity trains under the Bangladesh Railway. The trains are runs between Gafargaon station to Tarakandi route. See the schedule of those trains from the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Aghnibina Express (735) No 13:03 16:45
Jamuna Express (745) No 18:57 22:55

Gafargaon To Mohangonj Train Schedule

The train’s journey is quite enjoyable from another journey. Gafargaon station to Mohangonj route has one intercity and two mail/express trains. Each train has various departure times. See the below chart and inform about Gafargaon to Mohangonj route train schedule.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Hawr Express (777) Thursday 00:20 04:40
Mohanginj Express (89) Monday 16:21 20:10
Mohua Commuter (43) No 10:57 14:40

Gafargaon To Jharia Jhanjail Train Schedule

Do you want to get a taste of a train journey and want to travel by train on Gafargaon to Jharia Jhanjail route? Then you will need the train schedule of this route. In the below chart the train schedule has been given.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Balaka Commuter (49) No 07:18 10:00

Gafargaon To Mymensingh Train Schedule

From Gafargaon station the passenger will find the train Mymensingh Commuter (91) to travel on Mymensingh. There is no other train that exists on this route. Have a look at the below chart and know the schedule.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mymensingh Commuter (91) Wednesday 14:02 15:20

Gafargaon To Joydebpur Train Schedule

Gafargaon To Joydebpur route has the train Mymensingh Commuter (92). This train travels on this trackway on all days except for Thursday. If you want to travel on this trackway you should travel by train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mymensingh Commuter (92) Thursday 10:27 12:15

The train journey is more comfortable and enjoyable from another journey. But sometimes there is a possibility of an accident on a train. To avoid this problem must abide by the safe tips of a train. Have a safe and secure journey.

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