Chuadanga Station Train Schedule

Chuadanga Station Train Schedule

Chuadanga is a western district in Bangladesh. In this blog, we have collected the Chuadanga station train schedule for you. While you going on a trip from Chuadanga Station to different places in Bangladesh, you have to need some information. We have decorated this blog with your necessary information. I hope you read this article attentively and collect your essential information.

Chuadanga To Rajshahi Train Schedule

Chuadanga to Rajshahi route has a total of two intercity trains. The trains are traveling on this trackway with different departure and arrival times. Have a look at the below chart and know the train schedule of this route.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Kapotaksha Express (715) Saturday 08:59 12:00
Sagordari Express (761) Monday 18:54 22:00

Chuadanga To Khulna Train Schedule

The approximate distance of Chuadanga To Khulna route is 140 KM via highway. The train conduction of this trackway is good. There are a total of 9 trains available on this route among them 6 are intercity trains and 3 are mail/express trains. If you have enough time on your hand and want an enjoyable journey you should choose the intercity train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Kapotaksha Express (716) Saturday 17:00 20:10
Sundarban Express (726) Wednesday 14:41 17:40
Rupsha Express (728) Thursday 15:44 18:30
Simanta Express (748) No 01:21 04:10
Sagordari Express (762) Monday 09:16 12:10
Chitra Express (764) Monday 00:55 03:40
Mohananda Express (16) No 11:42 16:40
Nakshikantha Express (26) No 17:41 22:00
Rocket Express (24) No 19:54 23:45

Chuadanga To Chilahati Train Schedule

The two intercity train name Rupsha Express (727) and Simanta Express (747) are travel on the Chuadanga to Chilahati route. The trains are intercity and we know the intercity trains are luxurious they have many modern facilities and services that make your trip more enjoyable.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rupsha Express (727) Thursday 09:44 16:40
Simanta Express (747) No 23:53 06:20

Chuadanga To ChapaiNawabgonj Train Schedule

Are you want to travel on ChapaiNawabgonj from Chuadanga station by train? You will find the mail train name Mohananda Express (15) on this route. The train has no off-day. See the schedule below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohananda Express (15) No 15:29 21:40

Chuadanga To Parbatipur Train Schedule

There is the Rocket Express(23) train for traveling on Chuadanga to Parbatipur route. The train travel on this route everyday. for more clarity, see the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rocket Express (23) No 14:16 22:00

Chuadanga To Goalanda Ghat Train Schedule

While you travel from Chuadanga to Goalanda Ghat you will find the train Nakshikantha Express(25). The Nakshikantha Express (25) is a mail/express train under Bangladesh. The schedule has given below in the form of a chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Nakshikantha Express (25) No 06:05 11:00

All the information has been collected from a valid source. I hope the above information will help you while you will going on a trip from Chuyadanga station. Before a train journey must aware of safety tips and abide by the rules. The train schedule can be changed at any time, to know the updated schedule stay with Amar Train.

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