Bogra Station Train Schedule

Bogra Station Train Schedule

Bogra Stations trains name, code, and schedules are added in this blog. Now you can easily find out the train schedule that you need. Sometimes many travelers facing problems for finding the train schedule. To overcome that problem the blog has been decorated by the train schedule of Bogra Station.

Bogra To Burimari Train Schedule

The approximate distance of Bogra to Burimari route is about 206 KM. The distance is not very less. There is an intercity train to travel on this route name Karotoa Express (713). In the below chart you able to know the schedule of this train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Karotoa Express (713) No 10:00 15:35

Bogra To Santahar Train Schedule

Two intercity trains and two mail trains are runs between Bogra to Santahar trackway. All the trains have different departures time. It can be said that, while you travel on Bogra to Santahar route you will able to get an enjoyable journey. The train schedule has given in below in the form of a chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Karotoa Express (714) No 21:21 22:00
Dolanchapa Express (768) No 14:35 12:25
Uttar Banga Mail (8) No 21:24 22:40
Bogra Express (20) No 10:38 12:40
Padmaragh Express (22) No 18:39 20:10

Bogra To Lalmanirhat Train Schedule

Now you are going to know the train’s name and schedule of the trains these are travel on Bogra to Lalmanirhat route. One intercity train and two mail trains are available on this route.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Lalmoni Express (751) Friday 04:21 07:20
Bogra Express (19) No 15:34 22:00
Padmaragh Express (21) No 07:36 08:40

Bogra To Dhaka Train Schedule

Lalmoni Express (752) and Rangpur Express (772) are two trains that are travel on Bogra To Dhaka route. The trains are the intercity train that makes you Bogra to Dhaka’s journey comfortable and peaceful.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Lalmoni Express(752) Friday 13:04: 19:55
Rangpur Express(772) Sunday 23:14 06.10

Bogra To Dinajpur Train Schedule

The Dolanchapa express(767) crosses the Bogra station. While crossing Dolanchapa express takes a break in Bogra station to and that time passengers can enter the train for Dinajpur. Have a look at the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Dolanchapa Express (768) No 14:35 20:10

Bogra To Rangpur Train Schedule

After leaving Dhaka the Rangpur Express(771) takes the break in Bogra station. Then the Rangpur Express departs from Bogra at 15:54 and arrives at Rangpur railway station at 19:05.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rangpur Express (771) Sunday 15:54 19:05

Bogra To Panchagar Train Schedule

The Uttar Banga Mail (7) is only one Mail trains on the Bogra to Panchagar route. The trip of this route can be a bit of a hassle because there is no Intercity train on this route. The departure time of this train from Bogra at 10:55 and the arrival time is 21:30.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Uttar Banga Mail (7) No 10:55 21:30

Are you clear about the Bogura Station train schedule? All the information is based on the Bangladesh Railway. I hope that was helpful to you.

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