Poradha To Dhaka Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Poradah To Dhaka Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Train journeys are quite exciting and interesting. These are comfortable too. The train is, in fact, one of the most comfortable and economical modes of traveling long distances. People have traveled to several places by train and made some of the best memories during these journeys.

Train journeys are super fun especially while traveling with a group of friends. Train journeys are different from road trips. One needs to plan ahead to ensure a smooth journey.

If you also like train journey and want to travel from Poradah to Dhaka then we will get its time schedule and ticket price from this post.

Poradah To Dhaka Train Schedule

There are two trains that will travel from Poradah to Dhaka. This trains an Intercity train and it’s called “Antonagar” in Bengali. These are modern trains in Bangladesh. And these trains are full of many new features. Its time schedule is given here.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
SUNDARBAN Express (725) Tue 01:00 05:10
Madhumati Express (756) Thu 09:10 20:00
Chitra Express (763) Sun 12:29 18:05
BENAPOLE EXPRESS (795) Wed 16:44 20:45

Poradah To Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Ac cabins start from 720 and the minimum ticket price is 300 which is “Shuvon”. There are 7 different categories of seats available. The price and seat name are given below. Choose what you can afford.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 300
Shuvon Chair 360
First Seat 480
First Birth 720
Snigdha 600
AC 720
Ac Birth 1080

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Safety Tips For You.

We must follow these rules to ensure our safety.

Don’t turn on the shutter in a crowded area. Don’t smoke on the train. Don’t jump on running train. Don’t climb on the roof of a train. Keep your goods safe. Don’t disturb the other passengers. Don’t eat something from an unknown company. Take care of yourself.

Thank you.

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