Parbatipur To Chilahati Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Parbatipur To Chilahati Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Train Journeys are awesome. The train journey is considered a safer journey. A train can bear a lot of luggage. The train journey is pleasant to all. Again train journey is less costly. We feel very cheerful during the train journey. When we go on a train journey we eagerly wait for the departure of the train. So the train journey is very interesting. The train is the longest vehicle on the land. The train journey is economical. Do you want to travel from Parbatipur to Chilahati? Are you unable to find its time schedule? Don’t worry. You will get Parbatipur To Chilahati Train Schedule And Ticket Price in this post.

Parbatipur To Chilahati Intercity Train Schedule

Intercity trains have luxurious features. They have an AC cabin. They are faster. They will take you to your destination within a short time. Usually, Intercity trains do not stop at many stations. Parbatipur to Chilahati Intercity train schedule is given here.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rupsha Express (727) Thu 15:15 17:05
Barendra Express (731) Sun 19:40 21:35
Titumir Express (733) Wed 11:30 13:00
Simanta Express (747) Mon 05:10 06:45
Nilsagar Express (765) Mon 14:25 16:00
CHILAHATI Express (805) Sat 01:20 03:00

Parbatipur To Chilahati Ticket price

Parbatipur to Chilahati train ticket price is given below. They are very cheap. They are different according to the seat categories. We can buy them from both the railway station and online.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 70
Shuvon Chair 80
First Seat 110
Snigdha 135

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Safety Tips For You.

We must follow these rules to ensure our safety.

Never turn on the shutter in a crowded area. Never smoke on the train. Don’t jump on running train. Don’t climb on the roof of a train. Keep your goods in touch. Don’t eat something from an unknown company. Take care of your children.

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