Kulaura Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Kulaura Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Kulaura is the place where many trains are available. Most of the people here travel by Trains. Nowadays the train journey is so pleasure than any other journey. Most of these trains have many modern facilities and services. They make your journey comfortable. You can know the schedule here. You can see them. They are given below.

Kulaura Intercity Train Schedule

There are 12 trains available here with different departure times. Intercity trains are so fast and it doesn’t stop regular interval.
It is filled with many luxurious features like Ac cabin, Canteen, Pray zone, Security guard, etc. Look at the schedule given below based on Bangladesh Railway.

Train Name Off Day To Departure Arrival
Parabat Express Tues Sylhet 11:27 13:00
Parabat Express Tues Dhaka 16:58 22:40
Jayantika Express No Sylhet 17:27 19:00
Jayantika Express Thur Dhaka 12:32 18;25
Paharika Express Mon Sylhet 16:26 18:00
Paharika Express Satur Chittagong 11:24 19:35
Udayan Express Satur Sylhet 04;37 06″00
Udayan Express Sun Chittagong 22:57 06:00
Dayan Express Wed Sylhet 04:37 06:00
Udayan Express No Dhaka 23:23 05:10
Kalani Express Fri Sylhet 19:57 21:30
Kalani Express Fri Dhaka 07:25 13:00

Kulaura Mail Express Train Schedule

There are 8 mail express trains available here with different departure times. Mail express trains are not so good as intercity trains. These trains don’t have so many modern facilities and services. But you can travel safely by these trains. The schedule is given below.please have a look.

Train Name Off Day To Departure Arrival
Surma Mail No Sylhet 9:52 12:10
Surma Mail No Dhaka 20:45 9:15
Jalalabad Express No Sylhet 7:30 11:00
Jalalabad Express No Chittagong 00:35 12:10
Kushiara Express No Sylhet 12:05 14:00
Kushiara Express No Akhaura 18:10 23:50
Sylhet Commuter Fri Sylhet 19:37 21:55
Sylhet Commuter Fri Akhaura 8:54 13:50

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Safety Tips For You.

We must follow these rules to ensure our safety.

Never turn on the shutter in a crowded area. Never smoke on the train. Don’t jump on running train. Don’t climb on the roof of a train. Keep your goods in touch. Don’t eat something from an unknown company. Take care of your children.

Thank you.

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