Kulaura To Dhaka Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Kulaura To Dhaka Train Schedule & Ticket Price

A train journey is more comfortable than a bus journey. Again a bus journey is not so safe. But usually, there is no chance for any accident on a train journey. Besides, a plane journey is very costly but a train journey is cheap and less costly than a plane journey. If you want to travel from Kalaura to Dhaka by train then read this post. In this post, you will get informed of its time schedule and ticket price.

Kulaura To Dhaka Intercity Train Schedule

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Parabat Express (710) Tues 16:45 22:15
Jayantika Express  (718) Thursday 13:20 19:25
Upaban Express (740) Mon 00:46 05:45
Kalani Express (774) Friday 07:26 13:00

Kulaura To Dhaka Mail Express Train Schedule

Mail Express trains are less faster than Intercity trains. Again Mail Express trains touch almost every station. So it can kill your valuable time. Your important works can be hampered. But Mail Express trains aa are less costly then Intercity trains. So the POOR usually choose Mail Express trains for travelling one place to another. So both the trains are hair have their own benefits. The time schedule of Mail Express trains is given here.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Surma mail (10) No 20:45 9:15

Kulaura To Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Both the Intercity trains and the mail Express trains are ready for travelling at a cheaper rate. We can buy a train ticket at a short price. So the middle class and the lower middle class don’t have to worry about travelling. The train ticket price of Kulaura to Dhaka Express is given below

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 230
Shuvon Chair 280
First Seat 370
First Birth 555
Snigdha 519
AC 639
Ac Birth 955

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Safety Tips For You

We must follow these rules to ensure our safety.

  • Turn of shutter in a crowded area
  • Don’t smoke on the train
  • Don’t jump on running train
  • Don’t climb on the roof of a train
  • Keep your goods in touch
  • Don’t eat something from an unknown company
  • Take care of your children
  • Don’t run into the running train
  • Always have a kit in your handbag which contains hand sanitizer, face wash, tissue papers, antiseptic cream, band-aids, etc.

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