Ishwardi To Khulna Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Ishwardi To Khulna Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The train journey is very pleasant. It is very comfortable. It is very interesting. One’s spirit gets roused and flourished and many thoughts arise in his/her mind during the journey. The train journey has its own attraction as well as charm. People enjoy a train journey very much. The train journey is economical. One enjoys a train journey with a cheerful mind. One enjoys the beauty of nature during a train journey. In a word train journey is the best of all. In this post, Ishwardi to Khulna train schedule and ticket price is shown.

Ishwardi To Khulna Intercity Train Schedule

Intercity trains have many luxurious features. They are faster. They will take you to your destination within a short time. Intercity trains do not stop at many stations. They have many modern facilities. They are very comfortable. Parbatipur to Chilahati Intercity train schedule is given here.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Kapotaskh Express (716) Fri 15:45 20:25
Rupsha Express (728) Thu 14:00 18:20
Simanta Express (748) Mon 23:55 04:20
Sagardari Express (762) Mon 07:20 12:10
Chittra Express (764) Sun 00:35 05:00

Ishwardi To Khulna Mail Express Train Schedule

Mail Express trains are slower than the Intercity trains. They have no modern facilities. They usually touch almost all the stations. They run at a slower speed. Mail Express trains are local. Mail Express trains are very suitable for the poor because mail Express trains are less costly. The ticket price of the Mail Express train is dependent on seat categories which are given here.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohananda Express (16) No
Rocket Express (24) No

Ishwardi To Khulna Train Ticket Price

Train ticket price in Bangladesh is very cheap. We can afford a train ticket very easily. We can buy it at the railway station. Again, we can buy it staying at home with the help of the e-ticket. Ishwardi to Khulna train ticket price is given below. Please take a look.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 215
Shuvon Chair 255
First Seat 340
Snigdha 425
AC 510

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Chittra Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

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Please abide by these rules during a train journey:

Bangladesh train is safe but you have to stay alert and Keep your goods carefully and take care of it. Don’t eat something from someone you don’t know. It is highly recommended to avoid suspects.

If you feel anything fishy you can contact with Bangladesh Railway Police.Bangladesh Police Emergency number: 999

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