Bhairab Bazar To Noakhali Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Bhairab Bazar To Noakhali Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Everywhere enjoys a train journey. During a train journey, we get spiritually elevated. A train journey is not only pleasant but also safe. Again, it is very comfortable. Are you ready for traveling by train from Bhairab Bazar to Noakhali but can’t find it’s time schedule? Your sufferings are over. By reading this post you will get informed of the time schedule of Bhairab Bazar to Nnoakhali Express. And we will also get informed of the ticket price.

Bhairab Bazar To Noakhali Train Schedule

There are two trains to reach your destination Noakhali from Bhairab Bazar. we are giving you it’s time schedule. let’s check it out and get ready for the journey, thank you.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Upokul express (712) Tues 17:00 21:20
Noakhali express (12) No 00:08 5:50

Bhairab Bazar To Noakhali Train Ticket Price

In Bangladesh, poor people do not have to worry about there traveling from one place to another. Because they can journey truly through railway route easily. the ticket price of the train is not costly at all in Bangladesh. the train ticket price of Bhairab Bazar to Noakhali train express is given below.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 160
Shuvon Chair 195
First Seat 255
First Birth 385
Snigdha 368
AC 443
Ac Birth 662

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Safety first

  • Never try to jump in the train.
  • Don’t climb on trains roof, never.
  • Avoid foods from an unknown company
  • Keep your goods in touch and have an eye on them.
  • Turn off the shutter when you are in the crowded area.

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