Upakul Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Upakul Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Often lots of people search for the Upakul Express train schedule information but most of them remain unable to know it. If you are also among them, please stay with the article from beginning to end because there will be discussed detailed information about Upakul Express successively. So, no more delay, let’s go to know about it.

Upakul Express Train Schedule

Firstly, come to know the train schedule. The Express departs from Noakhali at 06.00 and arrives in Dhaka at 11:20. On the return trip, the Express begins its journey from Dhaka at 15:10 and arrives in Dhaka at 20:40. For your convenience, I have already presented here all the schedules with the list below. You will get here the departure and arrival of the train at a glance. So, please follow the chart below.

Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Noakhali to Dhaka Wed 06:00 11:20
Dhaka to Noakhali Tue 15:10 20:40

Upakul Express Substations

After analyzing the train schedule, now I am going to provide here the substations of the train. The Upakul Express runs Noakhali-Dhaka-Noakhali and it takes a break in many stations. Please follow the list below to get details about it.

Sub Station Up Time (711) Down Time (712)
Maijdee court 06:07
Chowmuhani 06:23
Bazra 06:34
Sonaimuri 06:45
Natherpetua 07:00
Laksam 07:25 19:03
Comilla 07:52 18:38
Kasba 08:24 18:06
Akhaura 08:50 17:47
Brahman Baria 09:10 17:17
Ashuganj 09:29 17:00
Bhairab Bazar 16:50
Narsingdi 10:05 16:18
Biman Bandar 15:33

Upakul Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

I hope you got all information about the Upakul Express train schedule. It is also important to know the ticket prices. There are available almost seven ticket price options according to the seat categories. Please follow the list below to get more about it.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 225
Shuvon Chair 270
First Seat 360
First Birth 450
Snigdha 518
AC 621
Ac Birth 932

After analyzing the Upakul Express train schedule with the ticket price, I am going to finish the article now. I hope you got the quested information which you wanted. If you think you will need more information about it, please leave a comment. Thank you for visiting the site.

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