Tangail To Birampur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Tangail To Birampur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

The train was only the main media of communication in the past, and still, it is one of the best mediums of transportation worldwide. Bangladesh is not behind. In the necessity of era, There are many railways spread everywhere in Bangladesh. Tangail to Birampur is such a train destination, and this route is very popular with all.

Tangail To Birampur Intercity Train Schedule

The intercity train is very desirable to all. Though the intercity train is not available in all the routes, from Tangail to Bijrampur route, intercity is available. On the route, you will get two intercity trains named Ekota Express (705) and Drutojan Express (757). All the schedules of the following trains are available.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota Express (705) No 12:04 17:34
Drutojan Express (757) No 22:03 02:43

Tangail To Birampur Train Ticket Price

Often we fall into a great problem when we have no idea about the train ticket price. This is the same for all. Those who want to travel from Tangail to Birampur have to know the train ticket price. If you notice below, you will get a table with the train ticket price. Please read it and pick up the information that you need.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 280
Shuvon Chair 335
First Seat 445
First Birth 665
Snigdha 555
AC 665
Ac Birth 995

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