Shaiestaganj Station Train Schedule

Shaiestaganj Station Train Schedule

Shaiestaganj is an Upazila in Habiganj District. Are you searching for information about the Shaiestaganj station train schedule? No reason for worry. For your convenience, we have brought the full train schedule of Shaiestaganj Station. Check the full article carefully and find out your essential information.

Shaiestaganj To Sylhet Train Schedule

A total of 10 trains are travel to Sylhet from Shaiestaganj station. Among the trains 6 are intercity and 4 are mail/express train. While you want an enjoyable and comfortable journey you should choose the intercity trains because they have many modern facilities that make satisfied. Also, the mail/express train provides good service.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Parabat Express  (709) Tuesday 09:49 13:00
Jayantika Express (717) No 14:13 19:00
Paharika Express (719) Monday 14:45 18:00
Udayan Express (723) Saturday 02:45 06:00
Upaban Express (739) Wednesday 00:20 05:00
Kalani Express (773) Friday 18:15 31:30
Surma Mail (9) No 06:33 12:10
Jalalabad Express (13) No 04:45 11:00
Kushiara Express (17) No 08:27 14:00
Sylhet Comuter (93) Friday 17:13 21:55

Shaiestaganj To Dhaka Train Schedule

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. A lot of people travel to Dhaka from Shaiestaganj station. Are you one of them? See the below schedule where Dhaka traveling all train names and schedules has been given.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Parabat Express (710) Tuesday 18:52 22:40
Jayantika Express (718) Thursday 14:13 18:25
Upaban Express (740) No 02:57 06:45
Kalani Express (774) Friday 09:02 13:00
Surma Mail (10) No 23:40 09:15

Shaiestaganj To Chittagong Train Schedule

Do you think about a journey towards Chittagong from Shaiestaganj station? There are two intercity trains and one mail/express train runs on this route. You can travel by intercity train when you have to need a comfortable journey. otherwise, you can travel by mail/express train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Paharika Express (720) Saturday 13:12 19:35
Udayan Express (724) Sunday 00:40 06:00
Jalalabad Express (14) No 3:13 12:10

Shaiestaganj To Akhaura Train Schedule

Shaiestaganj to Akhaura route distance is about 65 KM via highway. There are two mail/express trains travel on this trackway. The schedule is given below based on the Bangladesh railway.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Kushiara Express (18) No 21:02 23:50
Sylhet Comuter (94) Friday 11:16 13:50

I hope now you have a fulfill knowledge about the Shaiestaganj station. All the information we have collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railway. If there any important information that we have not added, please let us know by the comment I will try to add this.

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