Poradha To Ishwardi Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Poradha To Ishwardi Train Schedule With Ticket Price

The Poradha to Ishwardi is the busiest train route. Every day a lot of people travel on this route by train. Are you one of them? If you want to travel on this route for the first time you have to know the train schedule. For your convenience, I have collected the exact train schedule and added it to this article. Check the full article and know about the schedule.

Poradha To Ishwardi Intercity Train Schedule

The train transport system of the Poradha to Ishwardi route is most improve. A total of 6 intercity train runs on this route with several departing time. If you want to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable you can choose the Intercity train. Have a look at the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Kapotaksha Express (715) Tuesday 09:37 10:35
Sundarban Express (725) Tuesday 01:32 02:15
Rupsha Express (727) Thursday 10:22 11:20
Simanta Express (747) Monday 00:31 01:20
Sagordari Express (761) Monday 19:33 20:30
Chitra Express (763) Monday 12:24 13:15

Poradha To Ishwardi Mail/Express Train Schedule

The route has also two Mail/Express trains. The Mail/Express trains are not luxurious like the intercity trains but you also able to get a safe journey with mail trains. To know the mail trains schedule see the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohananda Express (15) No 16:24 17:45
Rocket Express (23) No 15:10 16:35

Poradha To Ishwardi Train Ticket Price

The train ticket price in Bangladesh is not very costly it’s also cheaper than another journey cost. Carefully look over the below chart to know the ticket price of the Poradha to Ishwardi route train.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 75
Shuvon Chair 90
1st Seat 120
1st Birth 180
Snigdha 150
Ac Seat 180
AC Birth 270

Before your trip, you must have to aware of the safety issues because you know safety first work last. I hope this article will be helpful for you when you will going on a train journey on the Poradha to Ishwardi route. Have a safe and secure journey.

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