Pirgachha To Bonarpara Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Pirgacha To Bonarpara Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Pirgacha to Bonarpara is a notable and popular train destination in the country. Pirgacha is an Upazila of Rangpur District in the division of Rangpur. Today I will share with you all the train schedules and ticket prices of the route in detail. Just keep reading the article reform top to bottom and note down the information you need.

Pirgacha To Bonarpara Intercity Train Schedule

Most of the passengers of the Pirgacha to Bonarpara route desire to travel intercity trains and this is why I have arranged here all the intercity train schedules in the below table. For the trip, you will need one and fifteen minutes.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Karutoa Express (714) Wed 19:31 20:45
Lalmoni Express (752) Fri 10:45 11:59
Rangpur Express (772) Sun 21:07 22:20

Pirgacha To Bonarpara Train Ticket Price

There are various train ticket prices like cheap, medium, and costly. I have arranged here all types of train ticket prices along with the seat categories. Shuvon, Shuvon Chair is the cheap-rated train ticket prices.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 60
Shuvon Chair 75
First Seat 95
First Birth 145
Snigdha 120
AC 145
AC Birth 215

Read the whole article patiently and pick up information. All the information is updated and so you can use any of them without any doubt.

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