Pathgram Station Train Schedule

Pathgram Station Train Schedule

There are 489 railway stations in Bangladesh, and among them, the Kamalapur railway station is the central station. Pathgram station is one of them. It is not a very big station, but many people travel from the station daily to other destinations. There is also an intercity train that runs from the station to other stations. Here I will discuss the Pathgram station train schedule.

Pathgram Station Intercity Train Schedule

If you see below, you will find that there is an intercity train named Korotoa Express (714) that runs from the station, and it runs every day. It is a Santahar bond train that starts to travel at 16:12. Rest information is given below.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Korotoa Express (714) Wed 16:30 Santahar 22:40

That’s all about Pathgram station. If you think this information is not sufficient, then inform us to write your desirable question via a comment below.

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