Parbatipur To Rongpur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Parbatipur To Rangpur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

The distance from Parbatipur to Rangpur is 68 KM. Maybe you want to travel from Parbatipur to Rangpur, and so you want to know the train schedule with the train ticket prices of the route. If I am right, then you are at the exact place. Here you will be able to get all the information in detail that you are looking for.

Parbatipur To Rangpur Intercity Train Schedule

When we want to make a plane for the journey by train, first of all, the thing that comes to our head is to travel by intercity train. If you are a traveler of Parbatipur to Rangpur route and think like that, you can also travel by intercity train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Dolonchapa Express (768) No 09:35 10:26

Parbatipur To Rangpur Train Ticket Price

To know the train ticket prices are must before traveling for a better journey. Here is a table below; I have arranged here some train ticket prices and the seat categories of the Parbatipur to Rangpur route.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 70
Shuvon Chair 80
First Seat 110

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