Natore To Pachbibi Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Natore To Panchbibi Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Natore to Panchbibi is a long way, so most people want to travel from Natore to Pachbibi by train. On the route, you will be able to get a hassle-free tour and the cost is very cheap. But before traveling by train on the route you have to know the train schedule with the train ticket price. This is why I am here with all the train schedules with the ticket price of the train run on the route. So let’s get started.

Natore To Panchbibi Intercity Train Schedule

I want to inform you that Natore to Panchbibi is a very long way and you will need about 2 hours to reach Panchbibi from Natore. Here are three intercity trains and I have gathered here the whole schedule of the trains. Just keep your eyes below and collect all the information that you need.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota Express (705) No 15:03 17:12
Barendra Express (731) Sunday 16:23 18:28
Drutojan Express (757) No 00:35 02:20
Banglabandha Express (803) Friday 22:24 00:20

Natore To Panchbibi Train Ticket Price

The train ticket price is very costly than the other transportations. Such a long way like Natore to Panchbibi you have to pay only 90 Tk. There are also some seat categories that are arranged below.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 90
Shuvon Chair 105
First Seat 140
First Birth 210
Snigdha 175
AC 210
Ac Birth 315

Al the information in this article is according to Bangladesh railway. So you can use any of the information given above without any doubt.

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