Natore To Chilahati Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Natore To Chilahati Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Train journeys are considered a good choice for travelling a long distance. The train is one of the most common means of transport in our country. It is used to carry goods as well as people. Train journey offers a great experience. It is not only comfortable but also quite an economical option when it comes to long-distance journeys.

Are you wishing to go travel by train for Natore to Chilahati but unable to find its time schedule? then this post is for you. You will get it’s time schedule and ticket price in this post.

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Natore To Chilahati Intercity Train Schedule

There are 6 trains. They are ready to take you to your destination. Natore to Chilahati train schedule is given below. These trains are really comfortable. You may have a peaceful journey by this train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rupsha Express (727) Thu 12:15 17:05
Barendra Express (731) Sun 16:23 21:35
Titumir Express (733) Wed 07:52 13:00
Simanta Express (747) Mon 02:23 06:45
Nilsagar Express (765) Mon 11:21 16:00
CHILAHATI Express (805) Sat 21:47 03:00

Natore To Chilahati Train Ticket Price

Natore to Chilahati train ticket price is given below. There are 7 different categories of seats available. They differ on the basis of seat categories. Choose the best that you can afford.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 190
Shuvon Chair 225
First Seat 300
Snigdha 375

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Some Safety Travel Rules

  • Try to reach the train in time and don’t try to jump into the running train.
  • Avoid trains roof.
  • Avoid foods from an unknown person.
  • Keep your goods in touch and have an eye on them.
  • Turn off the shutter when reaching the crowded area.
  • Don’t disturb The Other passengers
  • Always keep a first aid kit.
  • Don’t smoke on the train

For more information, you can visit the Bangladesh Railway official website.

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