Maijgaon To Bhairab Bazar Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Maijgaon To Bhairab Bazar Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Every day lots of people travel by train from Maijgaon to Bhairab Bazar, and they are to search for information about the train schedule and ticket price. But often, they remain unable to get all the information that they need. This is why I am here with detailed information about Maijgaon to Bhairab Bazar train schedule and ticket prices.

Maijgaon To Bhairab Bazar Intercity Train Schedule

On Maijgaon to Bhairab Bazar route, there are mainly two trains named Parabat Express (710) and Upoban Express (740) is available. To rich from Maijgaon to Bhairab Bazar by train, you need about 4:30 minutes. The departure and arrival times are given in the following table.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Parabat Express (710) Tuesday 16:12 20:27
Upaban Express (740) Mon 00:11 04:03

Maijgaon To Bhairab Bazar Train Ticket Price

It is very important to know the train ticket prices before going somewhere by train. If you want to travel from Maijgaon To Bhairab Bazar, you have also had an idea about the train ticket price. Here is some ticket price for Maijgaon to Bhairab Bazar route. You can choose one and make a present journey on the route.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 205
Shuvon Chair 245
First Seat 325
First Birth 485
Snigdha 466
AC 558
Ac Birth 840

I hope you have already read the whole article carefully and collect all the information that you need. To complete the article, I have taken help from some dependable sources. I hope this article will be help full for you. Come back to the page for more information.

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