Laksam To Shomsernogor Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Laksam To Shomsernogor Train Schedule With Ticket Price

The train is now very popular with all, and it has covered almost the whole country. There are numerous destinations for trains around the country. Laksam to Shomsernogor is one of them. Laksam is located much far away from Shomsernogor, and the distance will be 181 KM. In this article, I will share all the train schedules and ticket prices of the route in detail.

Laksam To Shomsernogor Intercity Train Schedule

Like the other destinations, there are two intercity trains on Pahariya Express and Udayan Express on the Laksam to Shomsernogor route. There is an off day of the route. You will need four hours for the trip.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Paharika Express (719) Mon 11:25 16:00
Udayan Express (723) Sunday 00:01 04:09

Laksam To Shomsernogor Train Ticket Price

The longer the distance, the higher the ticket price. You know that Laksam to Shomsernogor is a long-distance route and so the ticket prices are higher. Notice in the following table and collect the information you need.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 165
Shuvon Chair 195
First Seat 260
First Birth 390
Snigdha 374
AC 449
AC Birth 667

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