Laksam To Bhairab Bazar Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Laksam To Bhairab Bazar Train Schedule With Ticket Price

At present, the train is becoming popular with all, and it has become a part of entertainment. In Bangladesh, there are many railway stations, and many people travel by train to versus places for their daily purposes. Laksam to Bhairab is one of the best destinations for trains. Do you want to travel from Laksam to Bhairab? Then you have to know the train schedule as well as the ticket prices. All the information is given below. Just focus on the following passages.

Laksam To Bhairab Bazar Intercity Train Schedule

There are a total of 5 types of trains in Laksam to Bhairab that known as Mahanagar Provati Express (703), Mahanagar Express (721), Turna Express (741), Bijoy Express (785). For more information, keep reading the following article carefully.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohanagar Godhuli (703) No 17:06 19:04
Mahanagar Express (721) Sunday 14:40 16:55
Turna Express (741) No 01:32 03:30
Bijoy Express (785) Tue 11:20 13:12
CHATTALA EXPRESS (801) Fri 08:18 10:16

Laksam To Bhairab Bazar Train Ticket Price

There are differently priced tickets to go from Laksham to Dhaka. All types of tickets are available here. The ticket price mainly depends on the seat category. Choose one among them and make a good trip.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 125
Shuvon Chair 150
First Seat 195
First Birth 295
Snigdha 282
AC 340
Ac Birth 506

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