Kulaura To Vanugacha Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Kulaura To Vanugacha Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Many people fond of traveling by train because it is very entertaining as well as educational. So most of the countries have train transportation. Bangladesh is one of them. In Bangladesh, the railway line is also scattered like a net. Kulaura to Vanugacha is one of the common destinations of trains. Many trains travel on the route daily with lots of passengers. Maybe you are one of them and come here to know Kulaura to Vanugacha train schedule along with the ticket prices. In this article, I am going to writing about it. Let’s get started.

Kulaura To Vanugacha Intercity Train Schedule

If you see below that, four intercity trains travel from Kulaura to Vanugacha, and it takes about 40 minutes to reach from Kulaura to Vanugacha. For more information, read the following text carefully.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Paharika Express (710) Sat 16:58 17:37
Jayantika Express (718) Thursday 12:32 13:08
Paharika Express (720) Sat 11:24 12:07
Upaban Express (740) No 00:48 01:38

Kulaura To Vanugacha Train Ticket Price

Often people fall into the problem of purchasing train tickets. The main reason for the problem is the lack of informant about the train ticket prices. So I have gathered here about all the ticket prices along with the seat category.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 45
Shuvon Chair 50
First Seat 90
First Birth 110
Snigdha 115
AC 127
Ac Birth 150

I have already completed the article. I think that you have got all the information that you need. I want to inform you on the website, I have gathered all the train-related information, and all the information is updated. Please stay connected with us for more information.

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