Kotchandapur Station Train Schedule

Kotchandapur station is one of the well-known stations in Bangladesh. To spread the train services all over the country, the Bangladesh railway has taken several steps. Establishing a railway station is one of them. I want to inform you that there are 489 railway stations in Bangladesh, and daily a lot of trains run from the stations. In this article, today I am going to be written about the Kotchandapur station train schedule.

Kotchandapur Station Train Schedule

Kotchandapur is one of the famous stations, and several people travel from the station daily to other destinations. But those who want to travel from the station to another place have to know the train schedule. But it is a matter of sorrow; most of the passengers have no idea about the schedule. Today, I have gathers here all the train schedules that run from the station to the other stations. Just have a look there.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Kapotaksha Express (716) Sat 17:53 Khulna 20:10
Rupsha Express (728) Thu 16:32 Khulna 18:30
Simanta Express (748) Mon 02:10 Khulna 04:10
Sagardari Express (762) Mon 10:07 Khulna 12:10
Chitra Express (764) Mon 01:41 Khulna 03:40

That’s all about the Kotchandapur station train schedule. To get more information about the station, just knock us via a comment below. You will get all the answers to your queries.

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