Kishoreganj Station Train Schedule

Kishoreganj Station Train Schedule

Kishoreganj is a famous district, and it has a large railway station. There are several trains, both intercity, and mail, that travel from the station to other places. This article is for those who want to travel from Kishoreganj. If you want to make a journey from Kishoreganj to anywhere, this article is for you. Here I have arranged all the trains schedule that will help you in many ways. For more information, keep your eyes below.

Kishoreganj Station Intercity Train Schedule

Here I have arranged all the intercity train that travels from Kishorganj to other places. If you see below, you will find that there are five intercity trains and their off-day, departure, and arrival times given in the following table.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Egaro Sindhur Provati (738)
No 06:30 Dhaka 10:40
Egaro Sindhur Provati (750) Wednesday 12:50 Dhaka 17:05
Kishoregonj Express (782) Friday 16:00 Dhaka 20:10
Bijoy Express (785) Wednesday 13:35 Mymensingh 15:55
Bijoy Express (786)
Tuesday 22:40 Chattogram 05:30

Kishoreganj Station Mail/Express Train Schedule

Many mail/express trains run from Kishoreganj. I want to inform you that mail/express trains are not so luxurious as intercity trains. It is popular for short-distance traveling. As it is also a popular train, I have gathered all of the information in the following table. Please read it and collect all of your information.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Mymensingh Express (37)
No 01:10 Chattogram 09:20
Mymensingh Express (38) No 09:55 Chattogram 21:00
Isha Khan Express (39) No 18:05 Mymensingh 21:25
Isha Khan Express (40) No 16:52 Dhaka 23:55

That’s all about the topic. I have completed the article just now via conclusion. All the information in this article is from a valid source. Please stay connected with us for more updates.

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