Jessore Station Train Schedule

Jessore Station Train Schedule

Jessore is a district in the southwestern region of Bangladesh, officially known as the Jashore District. In this article, I am brought the train schedule of Jessore Station. If you want to travel from Jessore Station, this article is for you. Read this article carefully and collect the information that is essential for you.

Jessore to Rajshahi Train Schedule

There is good communication between Jessore to Rajshahi. The Jessore To Rajshahi route has two intercity trains. The trains have many fashionable facilities and services that build your journey snug. You will able to see the schedule from the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Kapotaksha Express(715) Saturday 07:23 12:00
Sagordari Express(761) Monday 17:12 22:00

Jessore To Khulna Train Schedule

Jessore to Khulna is About 65 KM distanced. It may take up to 2-5 hours to arrive Khulna from Jessore. The train transport quality of this route is very rich. 5 Mail trains and 6 Intercity trains available on this route. If you want a peaceful journey, you may choose the intercity train. Otherwise, you also travel by Mail trains.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Kapotaksha Express(716) Saturday 18:46 20:10
Sundarban Express(726) Wednesday 16:20 17:40
Rupsha Express(728) Thursday 17:17 18:30
Simanta Express(748) No 02:51 04:10
Sagordari Express(762) Monday 10:48 12:10
Chitra Express(764) Monday 02:20 03:40
Mohananda Express(16) No 14:40 16:40
Rocket Express(24) No 22:25 23:45
Nokshikantha Express(26) No 20:00 22:00
Benapol Commuter(54) No 16:44 18:10
Khulna Commuter(96) No 10:04 11:40

Jessore to Dhaka Train Schedule

The Sundarban Express(725), Chitra Express(763), and the Benapole Express(795) are 3 intercity train these are runs between Jessore To Dhaka route. All trains have different departure times. See the below chart and to be merged your journey time with a train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Sundarban Express(725) Tuesday 23:20 07:00
Chitra Express(763) Monday 10:02 17:55
Benapole Express(795) Wednesday 13:55 20:40

Jessore To Chilahati Train Schedule

Here you will able to know the train’s name and schedule of Jessore To Chilahati route. The Rupsha Express(727) and Simanta Express(747) are runs on the route. The trains are the intercity train, they have many modern facilities that make your journey relax.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rupsha Express(727) Thursday 08:12 16:40
Simanta Express(747) No 22:20 06:20

Jessore To Benapole Train Schedule

For a trip on Jessore to Benapole route, you will find one intercity train name Benapole Express(796) and one Mail train name Benapol Commuter(53). To know the schedule of these trains, have a look at the below chart. Carefully see the off-day of a train.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Benapole Express(796) Thursday 07:05 08:20
Benapol Commuter(53) No 07:20 08:30

Jessore To ChapaiNawabgonj Train Schedule

Mohananda Express(15) runs on the Jessore To ChapaiNawabgonj. Since its a Mail train but you will get a safe journey by this train. This train runs all the day of a week.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohananda Express(15) No 13:05 21:40

Jessore To Parbatipur Train Schedule

The traveler of Jessore to Parbatipur route can travel on this route by the mail train Rocket Express(23). The departure time of this train from Jessore station is 10:50 and the arrival time is 22:00. The train has no off day.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rocket Express(23) No 10:50 22:00

Jessore To Goaland Ghat Train Schedule

There is only one Mail train for travel on Jessore To Goaland Ghat name Nokshikantha Express(25). If you want to travel on Jessore to the Goaland Ghat route by train, you have to go by Nokshikantha Express because this route has not other trains. See the schedule below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Nokshikantha Express(25) No 03:55 11:00

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I hope after reading the above article you have been known all the information about Jessore Station. The will information will help you when you going on a trip from Jessore Station. If you have any questions, please comment. Have a safe journey.

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