Joypurhat To Birampur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Joypurhat To Birampur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Maybe you want to travel from Joypurhat to Birampur by train, and you need some information about the train schedule & ticket price that runs on the route, so you are here to know all your necessary information from the article. If I am right, then you are at the right place. All the relevant information on the topic is given below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota Express (705) No 16:52 17:34
Rupsha Express (727) Thursday 14:05 14:33
Barendra Express (731) Sunday 18:10 18:50
Titumir Express (733) Wednesday 09:33 10:10
Simanta Express (747) Mon 03:54 04:26
Drutojan Express (757) No 02:09 02:43
Nilsagar Express (765) Monday 13:14 13:42
Banglabandha Express (803) Friday 00:09 00:50
CHILAHATI Express (805) Sat 23:44 00:12

Joypurhat To Birampur Intercity Train Schedule

All the train traveler has an affinity for the intercity trains because of its attractive and modern services. So here, I have also arranged all the intercity train schedules of Joupurhat to Birampur route thoroughly. Just take a sight of it once.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota Express (705) No 16:53 17:36
Rupsha Express (727) Thursday 13:51 14:24
Barendra Express (731) Sunday 18:00 18:36
Titumir Express (733) Wednesday 09:38 10:14
Simanta Express (747) Monday 03:31 04:03
Drutojan Express (757) No 01:56 02:33
Nilsagar Express (765) Monday 13:03 13:36
Banglabandha Express (803) Friday 00:41 01:31

Joypurhat To Birampur Train Ticket Price

Before traveling, you have to know the ticket price first. This is also true for the train. If you have no idea about the train ticket price, you may fall into problems.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 45
Shuvon Chair 50
First Seat 90
First Birth 110
Snigdha 100
AC 110
Ac Birth 130

To get more information about the topic, inform us or visit this website. Have a good journey.

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